CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT: Acne Atacoma!?!?!?

Okay so I was posting on my Wandah blog back in February and I seriously thought someone made these up…as in Photoshop.  BUT NO.  THESE SHOES ARE REAL.

HOW?  WHY?  WHAT. whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!

I need these like, now…NOW, I SAY!

These fabulous shoes have been seen all over the net even though they came out in 2009, people are still going nuts…but wouldn’t you!?  Alexa Chung was looking perty ferocious on “It’s On.”

I want to say that these would be perfect for spring.

Okay, I’ll say it.  THESE WOULD BE PERFECT FOR SPRING. hahaaha

Throw on some cut-off shorts, these sweet babies, and some kind of long silhouetted top/tunic thing and you’re golden.  OOoo!  Or perhaps some high waist 70’s elephant leg jeans.  Oh, yes.  You will have legs for days…

I have seen these in white, thus they are perfect for the breezy balmy days of sun ahead of us.  Arielle N. from New York, who I spotted on, has these lovelies…BUT she was smart about it.

If you can afford the $480 tag without going into cardiac arrest, be my guest.  However, if you want to be smart like Arielle, there are some sweet look-a-likes by Jeffrey Campbell (one of my fave affordable shoe gods) for a more manageable $109.

Talk about bug crushers.


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