JJV, BONANZA & friends!

BONANZA was bananas!!!!!

I hope you all were there!  And if you weren’t there, come see us next month!!!  It’s amazing.

All my vintage friends were there!  I hope you visited their stores too!

a little mid-day snack attack.

Friends at Knee Deep

Friends at The Sometimes Store

This little miss found the perfect pair of boots!!!

Made in Romania!

And this beauty found a vintage Revlon compact,

a pearl costume jewelry ring and this awesome clutch!

Maybe next time you won’t think twice about coming down to the BONANZA at Berlin!

See you next time (month) lovelies!!!!

PS If you missed this month’s sale, don’t worry!

Click the Facebook link on the right, be a fan and be in the know!

Don’t miss getting your hands on good vintage!

SHOUTOUTS: Sasha from Kokorokoko, The Gaudy God, Alysse & Kirsten from The Sometimes Store, Shaina, Erin, Karyn from Max & Chloe Vintage, Leah & Monroe from Onomatopoeia, Teeny from Muffintop Shop, Jenny, Jeff, Kathy & Miguel, and none other than my amazing boyfriend Elvis.  It was a pleasure seeing you all, working with you and hugging you!

A Special Thank You: To everyone who purchased something from Joules Jewels Vintage today!  I hope you had fun at Bonanza and I will see you online and at our next events!


Jill aka Joules


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