Ashley “DRAPES” Scott, JJV & Marquin Salon: joining forces!!

Joules Jewels Vintage has grown so much since it’s start in April 2009.  After a full year, JJV now carries designer vintage such as Furla, Diane Von Furstenburg, Albert Nipon, Evan Picone…and the list just goes on!  Who could have imagined that!?

What’s better is that Joules Jewels Vintage has been creating friendships all over Chicago, and there is no plans to stop now!  Why would we?!

Tracy Allen of Marquin Salon in Chicago, IL has been an impeccable partner with Joules Jewels Vintage.  Her creative styles are fresh and always, ALWAYS on point!  She never ceases to amaze me with her work and her infinite energy!

Joules Jewels Vintage is proud to now add another layer on the cake…

Introducing: Ashley “DRAPES” Scott!

This lovely doll has been working her booty off!  And now, JJV and DRAPES will be joining forces during a fabulous photoshoot showcasing her newest spring line inspired by European honey bees.

Get with the program people…this woman is something you just can’t miss!  HOLLER!

Ashley is having an event tomorrow which debuts her fabulous creations (along with other designers)!

You should be there, because I will!

Be there or miss all the action!


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