THANK YOU: Vintage Style & Beauty Fair @ Debonair Socialclub

Hey ladies and gents!

I just want to thank everyone who came out to the sale today!  It was super super fun and I hope you guys had a blast; and not to mention I hope you found some amazing fashions!  I just want to thank some folks before I continue…

Apparel from the Past: For driving all the way from Michigan, sight-unseen, to do the sale!!!
Bear.Illa: For having amazing tees that everyone loved and bringing some awesome people to the sale, who eventually modeled in the show!!
BombshellShocked: For being my booth neighbor and helping me with my customers when I couldn’t.
Max & Chloe Vintage: For being my other booth neighbor and monitoring the fitting/bath room.
Onomatopoeia: For helping spread the word on the streets!
Store B: For the amazing store window display and letting us use your mannequin on the street!
Rockett Mansion: For having an amazing fresh selection of reconstructed/revitalized wares!
Shrink Boutique: For the $5 tee bin and sexy party dresses!!!
TresBelle Vintage: For having dope, dope, handbags and tricking out a window booth beyond your wildest dreams!
Very Best Vintage: For being the front door wrangler!

Also, I’d like to thank the members of Marquin Salon and Ajes Salon (LaFrance and Tracy Allen) for all their hard work on the styles for the hair/fashion show.  All of the models, Anna, Raven, Melanee, Kandace, Alisa, Samm and Leina for a job well done.  Joe Lewis for the amazing MCing and organizing, DJs Tom, Rita and Dean for spinning sick beats all day long, and Kevin for photographing the entire event from start to finish!  And last but not least, my boyfriend Elvis for being my go to man and the muscle (literally) of the operation all day long, you’re the best.

I love all of you!

Photos of today’s happenings will be coming soon (Kevin, hit me up)!  Stay tuned!  And since a lot of you vintage shoppers were wondering, we are working on having this event in the future and hopefully, monthly.  Keep your eyes and ears open for news of more to come!




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