MUSIC: New Finds via Twitter!

Hey ladies and gents.  Here are a few links I have been collecting on my twitter to listen to.  Just got a chance to listen and I am impressed.  Check it out if you dare.

“She Knows” by Reggie B:

Great, great track!!!  Very Prince reminiscent.  Dude has a really cool voice though.  Great work, bruh.

“Her Favorite Song” by ScienZe:

Nice chill beat.  Smooth around the edges.  Got an acoustic feel to it

Nothing But Butter Vol. 3 Album by Sticky Sugar Shack & Kronika:

This album brought to you via Kronica_Chic and Sticky Sugar Shack.  TIGHT.  Enjoy!

“Music of the Sun” by Nikko Gray & Chris Young:

I’m a fan of Nikko since she paired up with AFTA-1.  She has a wonderful voice.  Chris’ voice puts this song at the level it needs to be.  Cloud 9.

Enjoy Ya Self- Slackah The Beatchild

Super chill.

xoxo Joules


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