STORE: New Banner & New Items!

So after a year of the same banner, Joules Jewels Vintage online Etsy store has been updated to match it’s blogging counterpart.

I hope you like it.

There have been 15 new items that have been added to the store’s inventory which includes mens items!  There will be more posted during the day today and during the week. There are also 99 Etsy-goers who ❤ the JJV store!!!

Who will be the 100th person?!  You never know…you might get a special surprise.

Thursday JJV will be teaming up with Max & Chloe‘s Karyn for some photoshoot fun.  This looks to be a promising and productive week.

Speaking of photography, JJV’s model Anna I. Raben will be visiting Japan for a month starting July 21st.  She is working on a style blog (still in the works) and I had the pleasure of photographing her for the blog’s banner and wordpress avatar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She is spectacular…isn’t she?


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