MUSIC & ART: Afta-1 “FORM” Package vs. Brittany Bosco “Spectrum” Package

Because I went to art school and I hung out with artists from all walks of life, my love for design goes pretty deep.  If you pair that with music, functionality and fashion, you’ve pretty much unlocked the inner workings of my head.

I would like to share with you two package designs that I am quite fond of (one of which I had the pleasure of photographing).


Afta-1’s F O R M cassette limited edition packaging

This package is great; first of all, because it’s a CASSETTE!!!!!  I don’t own a cassette player, but honestly, who really cares?  The reason you buy it is because of the sheer fact is that it is a piece of nostalgia.  On top of that, it is designed well; so there’s that.  Everything is done by hand and each cassette is unique.  It’s got a sweet frosted case and not to mentioned everything is hand stenciled and the track list is 100% recycled paper and is hand-pressed paper!  And the first few people who purchase it will get a complimentary CD.  Two forms of media in one fell swoop.  Who knew something so beautiful could come in such a small delicate package?  What do you think of it?


Brittany Bosco’s “SPECTRUM” EP Designed by Alex Goose & The Big Up!

My good friend Brittany Bosco and her Big Up! crew (Branden M. Collins, Alex Goose, Omar Ferrer) were searching for a cost effective and beautiful way to release the Spectrum EP.  They came up with a gold bubble wrap package with a simple sticker in the corner, a white cardstock cd case with a graphic track list leaflet and their infamous triangle logo on the cd.  After the EP’s release, it ended up on The Dieline which is one of the most premier packaging sites for design heads around the world.  Needless to say the fact that this package appeared on The Dieline deserves some bragging rights.  However, some have suggested that it was over-designed.  I disagree; the bubble wrap is a cost effective as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing.  It serves a dual purpose; in the mail and sitting on a shelf.  Way to be, save some green while being green.

Also, a little known fact: I photographed the photos that appeared on The Dieline.


Follow Brittany Bosco, Branden M. Collins, Alex Goose, Omar Ferrer and Afta-1 and see what they are up to on



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