MISSION COMPLETE: Bazaar @ Beauty Bar with Teenyvators.

Yesterday was really great.  Got to see some familiar faces and got to know some new ones too!

JJV’s pair-up with Teenyvators was refreshing and was received very well!  Thanks to everyone who supported us today!

See?  We are so happy you came to shop with us!


Amy, of Schmoo1515.  She is wearing a Teenyvators dress!  Cute, right?

Liz, 50% of Bummer Town 😦

Sir Gaudy himself, Matt, of The Gaudy God

Then, I ran into a style blogger Brittany Chapman of the B Style blog.  She reminded me instantly of my favorite hardcore style blog Dirty Little Style Whore on Tumblr (the original one was unfortunately deleted!!!!!! but here is a new one- DLSW2).  She started another blog called The Style Playlist. Which is a little more personal and shows more of her personal wardrobe instead of just inspiration photos. Like this…


real life.


Anyway, Brittany is obviously obsessed with YSL, just like DLSW (who isn’t!!??!?!) and she is such a fan that she even got a YSL tattoo on her thumb.  I wouldn’t be able to do it personally, but she is definitely more ballsy than I am when it comes to tattoos (I prefer piercings).  More power to you, girl!

You can follow Brittany’s style antics via twitter or via her blog.


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