INBOX & ART: “SUPER POP” Show ATL, GA [8.5.10]

Got this awesome invite in my inbox today!  All you ATLiens, should hit this up!!  My friends and recent Twitter acquaintances will be there!  That means you should be there!!!  Read this lovely article by Kendrick Daye.


“Janelle Monae” by Corinne Stevie

Art Nouveau Magazine & GreatEclectic’s group exhibition Super Pop! opens this Thursday at Wm Turner Gallery in Atlanta. If you’re as anxious as we are to see the entire exhibition take a look at this preview of the work. All the artists included created work that was their personal interpretation of what Pop is, isn’t and has the potential to be.

A handful of the artists (Corinne Stevie, Barachan, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and more) created eye popping iconography of pop icons, musicians and stars like Lil’ Wayne, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones and more that celebrates the idea of pop. Other artists (Nikita Gale, Sean Fahie, The Super Pop Collective and more) explored the negative effects pop culture can have on humanity with thought provoking sculpture, paintings and more. All work will be on sale at affordable prices during the entire run of the show.

“90 Minutes” by Nikita Gale

Take a closer look at some of the work from “Super Pop!” here. “Super Pop!” opens this Thursday, Aug 5, from 7 -10 PM at Wm Turner Gallery in Atlanta, GA. Click here to RSVP on Twitter. See you Thursday! And if you’re not in Atlanta or can’t make it, we’ll be Ustreaming the entire show online. Follow Art Nouveau Magazine for updates.

*article written by Kendrick Daye*


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