I’m in Miami until tomorrow, but I’ve been down here for about a week already.  My boyfriend’s sister got married in Pompano Beach and I was the photographer!  I shot with my Nikon FM10 and my Yashica Elctro 35 and shot digital on my handy Kodak M1063 which has my favorite feature; panorama. (you can do left to right or right to left).  It’s super rad.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from my digital camera:

This is my favorite photo of that day.  Everyone had a sand dollar and they threw it into the ocean as they said a little prayer for the married couple.

In my vintage dress that I got from my friend Frances Klick of Venus Vintage.

I was the camera lady.

We came to South Beach yesterday, and it was pouring rain all day so we stayed in and did some work.  We are staying in an awesome little studio inside of The Flamingo.  We found it on  It is like a home away from home.  If I had this place, I probably would have decorated it exactly the way it is.  It’s filled with art, it’s efficient, and its cozy.  There is no TV and I don’t miss it.

Tomorrow, I’m going vintage shopping to bring back some goodies for The Vintage Bazaar!!!!  And I’m meeting up with Christine Bourie from TotalRecall Vintage to interview her as well as have some brunch, talk vintage and brainstorm.

We’ve been keeping in touch here and there through Facebook and Etsy (before she moved her store to her own private site).  This is going to be awesome.  Hopefully, she will want to come shopping with me.  She has also been featured on Scarlett Spade‘s bloggy, CocainePretti.

It has now stopped raining, so I’m going out now!  More to come.



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