INTERVIEW: Christine Bourie of TotalRecall Vintage in Miami, FL

Christine Bourie and I met on when I first started Joules Jewels Vintage in 2009, I looked around on Etsy for other vintage fanatics.  I stumbled upon Recessionista Vintage.  I wrote her on Etsy and then we began keeping in touch in Facebook and Twitter.

Last month, I was in Miami for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding and we decided to meet up.  This is our first face-to-face encounter and I’m so glad we got to meet!

JJV: How long have you been selling?

CB: I started 4 years ago and this is my third vintage resale shop.  I just kept restarting.  I am now switching to TotalRecall Vintage [her own private site] because is more traditional– but I like trashy 80’s stuff.

JJV: How did you get started with vintage?

CB: I started making things, like tee shirt tote bags and stuff, but I liked thrifting so I would buy stuff even though it wouldn’t fit me, but I would buy it just to have it.  I liked collecting.  Then, my mom told me that I had to get rid of it.

JJV: When you go shopping, do you go alone or do you have people help you?

CB: I usually prefer to go alone.  I like to take my time with the clothes and really soak it in.

JJV: Who is Patrick DeCarlo?

CB: He’s my boyfriend…well, fiancee [smiles and holds up hand].

JJV: How did you two get started?

CB: Well, he’s really the one who does all the technical stuff.  He helped develop the new site.

JJV: Who is your style idol?

CB: Courtney Love.  That’s why my hair is fried blonde [laughs].

JJV: Who is your ideal shopper / target consumer?

CB: Hipsters.

JJV: What is a hipster?

CB: It’s a group of people who use the idea of taking anything and everything that isn’t yours and making it your own.

JJV: Let me see your shoes.

CB: I wear these almost every day…good thing I did my toes today.

JJV: Cake, Pie or Doughnuts?

CB: Pumpkin pie.

JJV: What do you see for TotalRecall Vintage in five years?

CB: A storefront here in Miami.  I love Miami and the community here.

JJV: What do you do when you’re not selling vintage?

CB: I’m a wardrobe stylist and I am a hair stylist.  I work on photoshoot sets and I do hair out of my house.

JJV: Where have you been featured?

CB: Miami Fashion Blog, Miami New Times, Cocaine Pretti and other Miami fashion blogs.

JJV: Answer this.  Vintage is: A. A lifestyle B. A hobby. C. Fashion with a conscience D. All of the above.

CB: All of the above.

You can find Christine and Patrick’s site online HERE. Or, click the photo below.  Prepare to have your mind blown.


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