TRAVEL: bye bye San Francisco

So I’ve been here in San Fran for about a week and it’s been a well-needed break from daily life.

I got to see my family, my soon-to-be extended family and some dear friends from back in the day.  I also got to see this amazing city and shop in the local markets!  Elvis read on Yahoo! that Carmel, CA was voted #1 small town in America to visit and we learned that it was only 2 hours away.  So we decided to go; what the heck, it’s only 2 hours.   On the way we went to an open air market called “The Whole Enchilada” which was ridiculously cheap and had AMAZING strawberries and avocados.  A really great surprise was that you could buy 3 orchid plants for $22!!!!  I’m not talking orchids in a the ENTIRE plant…with roots.  Too bad I would get taxed if I took some back to Chicago…

As we were approaching Carmel, we could see thick fog rolling in like a blanket!  The cliffs and trees looked like they were turning in for the night and it was only 3pm!

Turns out we went on quite possibly the worst day to go…it was nothing but fog when we got there and then whole point to go there is to see the ocean view.  We couldn’t even see off the cliff! womp womp.  The shops had closed early, and the streets were filled with just the locals…basically, they were empty.

But I did see some really great art while I was there.  I met an artist named Blaggojce (Blah-goe-chey) from Macedonia.  He had this HUGE piece on his wall at Pegasus Art Gallery, that could have been at least 15 feet long.  It was an action drawing done in Sumi ink of horses that he called “Return to Freedom.”  It was great!  I hung out in his space for a while looking at his paintings and talking to him and learned that he will be having an exhibit in Indiana in a few weeks.  He informed me that his more serious works are not online, they are just in galleries.  The work he produces for the general public have a bit of whimsy and playfulness to them, where his other works have more depth and really pulls at your soul.  It was very interesting, and he said he would try to stop by TBA Space 1039…I hope he does for sure.

But on our way to get coffee before we got back on the road, I walked past another gallery (that was closed).  I came up the hill and saw this amazing oil painting and I just lost my mind.

I don’t know the woman or the painter, but I feel like I know both.  Her eyes looked like they had life in them; real life that could only have been given to her by something bigger than life itself.  I just stood there and I couldn’t stop staring at it.  The detail in her hair– the gray strands blowing in the wind, the broach on her dress and the blood vessels under her eyes longing for rest, and even her wind chapped lips; they just seemed so real to me.  I will never forget this painting for as long as I live.

There were lots of great sunsets in San Fran once all the rain and fog got the hell out of there!

This was taken on the way down Union from Russian Hill.

And some great restaurants too!

This was an awesome sculpture made from found scraps (wood, metal, etc) at Sally’s Cafe in Potrero Hill, 3 blocks from where we stayed.

And this was my breakfast!  The first day we got into San Fran, at Sally’s Cafe.  Salmon Benedict and Soy Caramel Macchiato.

So we leave Friday, but we just happened to get a tour at the Anchor Steam brewery (right down the street from our place) because some folks canceled at the last minute!  Nothing says bon voyage like a little beer taste test hahaah!  I will let you know how it is via Twitter…since I won’t have time to update here.

Once I get back though, it’s full speed ahead!  We’re going to be choosing the art for the Itty Bitty Art Show at TBA Space 1039 (and I still have to work on my piece that’s going in the show), and I’m going to be going through my vintage inventory with the help of Elena, our awesome intern, to get together a whole slew of stuff for the Modern Vintage Chicago Spring Explosion sale!  That’s where I’ll bring the best of the best of eveything I have!  Lots of good markdowns, and I’m even going to break out the designer rack!  Yeah, ladies!  Furla, Givenchy, Albert Nipon, Gucci, Ann Klien, Nicole Miller…THE WORKS.  And I’ll be stunting my new St. John’s vintage dress I got here in San Francisco!!!!!  I can’t believe I found it!!!

As fun as this trip was, I miss Chicago though.  See you soon!

xoxo Joules


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