JJV is now in San Francisco!

I’m back!

So you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged here in a while.  That’s because I’ve been busy packing my apartment, my boyfriend’s condo and the store at TBA Space 1039…

to move to California.

It was quite possibly the most stressful move I have ever done in my life!  We flew back and forth from Chicago to San Francisco for almost 2 months for business meetings and to find an apartment.  Right now, San Francisco has one of the worst thus the most competitive apartment/housing markets the city has seen in years.  From an article I read in the SF Examiner, if I remember correctly last year’s average price for an apartment was something like $2,211 and this year it averages around $2,449!

It was such a nightmare.  You would stand in line, or squeeze into the hallways of apartments, just to find out that they will rent it to someone within an hour of you seeing it.  Sometimes, we would see 6 places in one day and more than half would be rented by the end of the day.  Often times they would be rented to people who tended to “sweeten the deal” by bribing the owner/agent with a signing bonus, flowers, or would offer to pay an extra sum of money per month if they let them have it over anyone else.  Usually, these were the people who would have the application, credit reports, pay stub and other supporting evidence IN HAND when they came to see the apartment along with their check book.  It was crazy and definitely a learning experience!

I was so used to Savannah (where I went to school) where if you liked the place and you were dealing with the owner, they would just say “OK” and you give them a check.  It was so simple and no bidding war was necessary.

Before we found an apartment, everything was completely up in the air, I had moved out of my apartment in Wicker Park (that I loved and had been there for 3 years) and I put everything in the basement of the gallery until further notice.  My boyfriend and I lived out of our suitcases for about two months, it was mania.  The dog was boarded while we were out of town and the cat was checked in on by friends and family…we were like gypsies.

Luckily, we found our place just in the nick of time, except we had a week to be there to get the keys by the first of the month (July)!  I had one week to pack JJV and oh my goodness, I wish I had more time!  We decided to pack the store’s van, put a hitch on the back of it and tow my boyfriend’s car on a U-Haul dolly all the way to San Francisco!  If any of you were following me on Instagr.am (JJoules) you probably saw most of the pictures I took from the road, but if not– here is a little gallery for you to see!


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