I am currently in Atlanta visiting my- what I like to call my extended family.  They are family for many reasons to me; one being that we all went to college together but also because they are all art and design freaks like myself.  These ladies and gents have fostered so much of my creative thinking I would be a fool to say otherwise.  We have nurtured eachother’s thoughts and dreams for years and I am happy to have them in my life!  Here are some photos from last night after I landed (a 4 hour flight) and this morning!

Salad Brittany made me. Ugh I was so hungry!

Miss Speakerfoxxx herself gettin down to some living room jams.

Brittany & Alicia

Sean & Ayan


long exposure at 3:30am

good morning ATL

Friends are great.  Art friends are better.

More to come.

xoxo Joules


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