I have seriously been on the road a lot this summer.  This is the most I have traveled in such a short period of time in my life.  It feels good to see places I have never been before.

I went to NYC with my boyfriend when he was awarded an honor for his region of Macy’s and his work with the Chicago Police Department (I’m so proud of him).  I got to catch up with some really good friends of mine from SCAD and from Pre School.  Here are some of my and iPhone photos from NYC.

Times Square Welcome Center

Hayley at work! I missed her so much.

Hayley's amazing store she works at.

Harney & Sons Tea shop. Changed my life.

Me & Hayley

Hayley & Dez'mon

Dez'mon & Elvis

My first time in the MoMA!

My first time in the MoMA was amazing.  I went with my friend from Pre-K, Elizabeth (yes, we have known eachother for that long) and her parents (they are like my second mom and dad).  I have never been so amazed in my life.  We first saw the Abstract Expressionist New York exhibit.  We spent four hours there!  I checked in on Facebook from my phone and it checked me out after a while because we had been there so long!  I saw some really awesome art there…art I had seen in text books while at SCAD.  It was a dream come true.  When I saw Jackson Pollock’s “One: number 31” I almost cried.  Then when I rounded the corner and saw work by Mark Rothko, I almost fainted.  The Abstract Expressionist movement is probably my all time favorite in art history.  It was truly an amazing exhibit.

Next, we went to the Pop Art section and I saw before my very own eyes Mr. Andy Warhol’s iconic pieces.  It is unbelievable how someone so loony changed the face and definition of art.  Turning famous people into objects that can be bought and sold, reproduced and scaled down, and in many cases, blown up…it is something many people were just not doing.

And we all know a good Roy Lichtenstein when we see it!

Next we went to a music exhibit that I enjoyed thoroughly!  I am truly a music head, and I love music no matter the language or sound.  How music has evolved from different mediums to try to perfect the performance of sound in space and the archival quality really amazes me.  And to boot, how music is so global is baffling.  You can reach the masses all around the world just by recording a track in your living room and putting it online.   Then when you add visuals with music to convey to the listener the state of mind or message in the song– there really are no limits.

Then, I saw an exhibit on plywood as a medium for furniture and art.  As a recent self-proclaimed connoisseur of vintage furniture, this exhibit really hit the spot.  Plywood, surprisingly can be molded and used for practically anything.  Plywood is thin sheets of wood that are glued together, they are alternated with the grain facing in opposite directions for optimum strength and durability.  For instance, you have a piece of wood that the grain is facing laterally, the next piece you would glue- the wood grain will face longitudinally.   Simple right?  That’s not all, plywood is cheap!  It doesn’t get better than that.

This is actually a concave plywood structure!  When lit correctly it looks convex, no?  I love it!  It reminds me of those magic eye books my dad used to buy my brother and I when we were kids.

Here are some other works I saw while at the MoMA:

This is actually PAINTED on the ENTIRE room.  It was amazing.

African American Flag. Get it!? hahaah

Okay, I’m done gushing about the MoMA- clearly you can tell I loved it there…if I was offered a room there- I would just live there…………….FOREVER!

Now, back to the rest of the NYC trip.

I was messing around with the peephole in my hotel…pretty cool huh?

The always lovely Nadirah Zakariya:

Callie & I!!!!

Elvis, my love.

These are shoes! At a store called EVA.

THIS IS FABRIC! Plastic tubes that have been melted flat. @EVA

This store is dreamy. @EVA

I wasn’t a fan of NYC because the last time I went, it wasn’t really anything exciting that we were doing…also I was in high school.  So yeah, NYC had a big EFF MINUS in my book until this summer.  Now it gets a HIGH FIVE!


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