Sunday is for Us Ladies

Sometimes you just need to be around your female friends.  No boys allowed!  A home cooked meal after a 2 hour shopping experience exploring the local indoor farmer’s market.  3 FRESH tilapia fish, cleaned and gutted for $11!  Sangria with fresh farmers market muddled peaches, basil, strawberries and limes.  Stir fry; chinese eggplant, fresh basil, mushrooms, bell peppers and broccoli with Japanese ramen noodles and homemade curry sauce.  Roasted redskin potatoes, ginger couscous, crispy garlicy green beans and bok choy with soy bean sprouts for the sides.  For dessert, vegan cookie dough ice cream (coconut milk based), fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and ginger cookies with fresh strawberries on top!


Pot lucks are probably the best invention ever.  Yes.  We were stuffed.  And for so cheap!  What a day.  Let’s do that again some time…shall we?

Broccoli for the stir fry and sangria

Tilapia anyone?


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