FRIENDS: Ashley Rhoden

Ashley and I have been friends for quite some time now.  Our relationship solidified when I asked her to model a few times for my Road to Carnivale photoshoot/senior project at SCAD.  Ashley has probably one of the most genuine senses of humor.  She is constantly immersing herself in pop culture, historical and other interesting facts, and I have never had a dull moment being in her presence.  Above all this, Ashley loves…is completely obsessed with graphic design.

JJV: Who are you?

AR: I’m Ashley.

JJV: What is your ultimate passion?

AR: Scooting.  Design.  Decorating. BEER!

Ashley has recently become a beer connoisseur/enthusiast and loves going to beer tastings and pubs with globally expansive beer menus.

Ashley loves her Japanese-made scooter, and rides it to work everyday.

JJV: What is your driving force?

AR: To grow.  To be a better Ashley than I was yesterday.

JJV: What did you eat today?

AR: Cereal.

JJV: Why are you doing what you’re doing?

AR: Because I love it!  It’s not the craziest thing to say, but damn– it’s true.

JJV: If you aren’t doing design then what else would you be doing?

AR: Well, I don’t know because after being out of work so long, I can’t see myself doing anything else.  I did other things but I hated it.

JJV: When do you get your best ideas?

AR: Right before I’m about to go to sleep.  Sometimes it’s the worst, because I just wanna wake up and do it.

JJV: Are you proactive or reactive?

AR: Reactive.  I’m reacting when I’m active.

JJV: What is the one thing you find yourself wearing the most?

AR: Black leggings– so versatile.  That, and GOLD!

And for those who don’t know, Ashley loves nail art!

JJV: If you were to choose the year you were born, what year would it be? Why?

AR: Probably the year I was born, honestly.  Black women today can do shit.  When I look back at the romanticized version of it, it seems awesome, but in reality they would be like, “hey you, get back in the kitchen!”

JJV: What is your version of breakfast of champions?

AR: I usually don’t eat breakfast.  But hmm…spaghetti!

JJV: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

AR: Simple and conceptual.  If you stick with those two things, you’re more likely to produce a timeless design rather than a trendy one.

Ashley will make you laugh without even trying.  |  Blog

Here, Ashley is wearing a JJV exclusive Alfred Dunner secretary-style blouse.  It has an awesome print of tassels, chains, and crests in grey on white with splashes of red.  It has a secretary collar that ties at the neck.  The size is 10 petite.  This item will be online very soon.  $24


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