Brittany and I go way back like car seats.  The two of us have encouraged each other in times of creative doubt and shouted congratulations in times of success.  Recently on my visit to Atlanta, I have seen another side of Miss B.  She has been more reflective inward, examining herself and her surroundings– taking to heart the most smallest details.  But more than anything, her hunger for perfecting her career, her music and life as a whole stands on stage front and center.

JJV: Who are you?

B: I’m trying to figure that out every day.  I have a good general idea, but we change every day.  I’m a creative force– I’m a creative being.  I put creativity out– creatively and musically.  I’m an individual, definitely.  At this time and day, being an individual, everyone is caught up trying to be that– but I know I am.

JJV: What is your ultimate passion?

B: Music and cooking.  Those two things I cannot live without.  The people who know me and love me cannot live without it either.

JJV: What is your driving force?

B: The people that believe in me.  There are a lot of reasons I keep doing what I’m doing– and mainly I don’t want to let them down.  And student loans…ugh.

JJV: What did you eat today?

B: Leftovers.  Chicken taco and pasta with cream sauce– but really all I wanted today was a sloppy ass burger.

JJV: Why are you doing what you’re doing?

B: I have no clue.  I have fucking no clue!  I’m broke as shit.  I’m hustling to make ends meet and music isn’t a promise.  It feels good when you’re doing it, but it’s not promised.  I have so much love for it and sometimes it doesn’t even hear me.  But I just keep falling.  I keep falling in love with it.

JJV: If you aren’t doing music, then what else would you be doing?

B: Something in design.  Fashion.  Industrial design.

JJV: When do you get your best ideas?

B: Really late, like 2 to 4am.  Or when I’m hurt.  I write a lot of my music when I’m going through some shit.

JJV: Are you proactive or reactive?

B: Both.  You would be a liar if you said you weren’t both.  They both go hand in hand.  It’s like yin and yang; you can’t separate it.

JJV: What is the one thing you find yourself wearing the most?

B: Fuckin’ jean cut-offs!  I wear them all year around.  Mid-drift tops and tees.  Cowboy boots.  That’s my uniform.  I love shorts; I guess I like my legs.  I can’t live without shorts.

Bosco loves her cut of shorts and mid drift bearing tops.

JJV: If you were to choose the year you were born, what year would it be? Why?

B: I think I was supposed to be born right now.  If I was born before now, I wouldn’t be ahead of the game…or maybe I would be.  But with the time like they are and the industry like how it is, I am lucky to be around people who are all about aesthetic…if your branding sucks– that’s it.

JJV: What is your version of breakfast of champions?

I don’t eat breakfast.  I think of Michael Jordan and baseball cards and the Chicago Bulls when Ken Griffy Jr.  That’s who I associate that with.  But it’s waking up knowing what you’re motivation is.  Breakfast of champions is food for thought.

Bosco is wearing a JJV exclusive Albert Nipon top and vintage poly faux denim print pants (the belt is mine and not for sale).

BOSCO just released her newest project that she produced with IraG and Dog Bite from Washed Out.  It’s an amazing project, and I was honored that I got to listed to each of the tracks before they were released.  BOSCO, Ira, myself Speakerfoxxx all sat down and had a listening party two days before the release.  You will love this album.  Pacer is amazing.  Download it!  It’s FREE!

This is my favorite promo video for this album (there are 3 total).



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