Anna and I are obsessed with vintage and fashion.  We first bonded over our love for it over pizza and framboise at a bar in Chicago.  Anna has been the subject of many of my shoots as well as modeled for JJV over 10 times.  She has the most amazing energy in front of the camera and I love, love, love photographing her.  Anna studied fashion merchandising at Columbia in Chicago and is now a professional in her field setting up windows on State Street.  She has been to Japan (her most favorite place in the world) a few times and appreciates every personal style choice from the odd to the trans-formative.

JJV: Do you consider yourself an artist?

AIR: Yeah I guess, everyone can be.  It all depends on the decisions you make.

JJV: Would you consider yourself cultured?

AIR: Oh yes.  (Smiles) I’ve been to outer space.  Twice.

JJV: Where is your outer space? Why?

AIR: Shinjuku, Japan.  Because, when I go to a country where I don’t know anyone and I submerge myself in a culture…it’s just lights and sounds.  I can’t even compare it to anywhere else in the world.  To be one of the millions of people in the visually stimulating setting, is really overwhelming; but in a good way.

Anna in her outer space.

JJV: What do you find yourself wearing the most?

AIR: I hate to say work clothes, but it’s the truth.  But when I’m not at work– anything over-sized, large pieces of fabric…maternity clothes…(laughs).  And of course my jewels.  My precious, precious jewels.

JJV: In terms of styling yourself and others, do you tend to follow trends or your own rules?

AIR: I don’t really pay attention to trends necessarily– just color and shape.  I don’t really let trends dictate what I’m doing.

JJV: If you had unlimited time or money, what would you do or where would you go?

AIR: I would go shopping in Japan, or hang out with David Bowie in a tapestry filled room.

JJV: What would you talk to him about?

AIR:  (Smiles) Don’t ask me that.  I just want to hang out with him…I dunno spandex?

JJV: What kind of music do you listen to the most?

AIR: Ugh.  That’s a really broad question.  And I’m not going to say that I like all music– because I don’t.  But I can find anything from any time period.  Like Syd Bennett, Scott Walker, Sonic Youth or David Byrne.  I find myself listening to a lot of 60’s pop I guess…

While we were doing this interview, we were listening to an LP she picked up from Amoeba Records in the Haight District. “Manifesto” by Roxy Music. 1979.

JJV: Tell me why you like fashion.  What do you think about it and the industry?  Do you even like the industry at all?

AIR: No.  I don’t.  The industry is fake.  Fashion is nostalgic– it was a reflection of what was going on during those times.  And now, we don’t look at it that way anymore.

JJV: What do you think happened to fashion?  Do you think we just got lazy?  Are we not creative anymore?  Are we bored?

AIR: No– I don’t think it’s that.  I think a lot of events in was a reflection of that.  But now, people aren’t relating that way anymore.  I think we’re all aimlessly consuming and there’s nothing more to it.  If I was looking back on this time period, I don’t think I would be nostalgic for what we are wearing.

JJV: How do you feel about the revival of eras– this recycling of fashion?

AIR: I like it.  I mean, fashion is cyclical.  I like how major retailers are looking back in time and I’m excited to see how they translate it.

JJV: From traveling, what are your favorite trends or personal style choices that you have seen on the streets?

AIR: I’m going to say this…I respect people in Japan because it’s personal style and it’s creative and self-expression.  It may not be the most figure-flattering or attractive, but it’s so visually interesting.  It’s the mix-match of things they can come up with.  But here in America, if you were to dress the way they do in Japan– someone would think that you got dressed while you were drunk.

JJV:  What did you eat today?

AIR: In-n-Out Burger and a glass of wine.  And a McDonald’s apple pie.

JJV: Do you have a favorite piece in your wardrobe?

AIR: (Laughs & smiles) This huge lambs wool envelope jacket.  It’s what I call my fashionable Snuggie.

JJV: Do you own a Snuggie?

AIR: I hope to someday…

Anna loves coats with fur.  I mean, who doesn’t?  Here are two coats coming to the store for this Fall/Winter collection!

First, this lovely beauty.  Baby blue suede coat with lambs wool collar and trim.  It also has a suede waist belt! $156

Next, this is the most beautiful coat ever.  A black on black (I know it looks navy) wool coat.  It has a Persian lambs wool collar.  Love it. $125

Colored fur is bound to be a big hit this fall.  You better get some!  If you find a nice vintage one (it’s guilt-free because it’s recycled), grab it and keep it forever.  Anna found this amazing red fox fur collar during our expedition in Haight and Ashbury.  She also found these killer two-toned, menswear look-a-like, penny loafers.

Anna has also been featured on Chicago Looks blog by Isa and was even published in Korean magazine, Cracker Your Wardrobe!  You go, girls!

Here is a photo Anna took of me during our little shoot.  I am wearing a 1970’s Bavarian eyelet crop top and 1970’s high-waist wide-leg jeans.  Silver leather Lucky Brand eyelet chunky heels and an elastic belt.  These are my living room curtains (1960’s deadstock, Germany)!!!!

Check out this look on my profile (click the photo) and on fancy.

xoxo Joules


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