FINDS: Thrifting & Flea Markets

Last week (09.10.11) I went to the San Jose Flea Market, and this was probably the largest flea market I’ve ever been to in my life.  I loved all the fruit and the agua fresca stands!

I pretty much thought it was hopeless, because most of the stuff was there was mostly made in China…but then (out of the blue) we found some awesome finds!

I got this awesome leather suitcase, two military issued metal binocular cases and two vases!  The big one is soooo heavy and it’ll be great for large arrangements.  Can you believe the vases we got for $6 total!?  Amazing right?  The suitcase and binocular cases will be in the shop later this week.

This weekend we found some even better items in The East Bay!

First we went to the Uhuru Furniture store in Oakland, and found this awesome Edison lightbulb pillow for $8!

It looks awesome in our retro orange armchair.

At the same place we found a great hanging lamp for our kitchen.  At night it gets a little dark, and it was the perfect size!  $15.

Then we hopped around to some vintage furniture stores, and I found a couch and fell in love with it.

A 1976 granny chic couch!  Isn’t it lovely?  And the best part is it’s been in plastic most of its life!  That means it’s like getting a brand new couch!!!!!!!!  It can be yours!!  For more info and photos, click HERE.

We also found this awesome cane chair!

This one can also be yours!  For more info and photos, click HERE.


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