BEAUTY: Ombre Nail Art as Seen on Refinery29

As many of you know, Jillian is not Joules (or Wandah– for that matter) without her nails done…DIY style.

This was inspired by about 3 nail videos I found on YouTube.  I like bright colors and I love layering.  So I tried it out here!  Colors I used:

Base (mauve): American Apparel Nail Lacquer in “Dynasty” #36509

Orange: Orly in “Orange Punch” #40463

Neon Green: L.A. Girl FLARE (Urban Outfitters) in “Gleaming” #NL60

Blue: Essie in “Mesmerize” #679

Dark Green: Orly in “Wandering Vine”#40723

Electric Violet: Savina Nail Color in “Dream” #S61103

Gold: Orly in “Glitz” #40487

This one isn’t so easy if you don’t have steady hands.  I did a base coat and cut diagonally across the nail and filled it in…for all 10 nails.  I cut across in the opposite direction on the other hand.  I used:

Blue: Essie in “Mesmerize” #679

Bronze: Ulta Salon Formula Nail Laquer in “Brownette” #54

I love Refinery29, and I get their digest e-mails quite often and I saw something I couldn’t resist to share with you.  OMBRE NAILS!  Ombre is super hot these days…from hair, clothing, handbags and now my favorite cheap thrill…NAILS.

Pick two colors that you want to use (if you are crafty enough, you can use three).

Paint your base color in a “U” shape at the base of the nail.

Lay it on kinda thick.

Take your second color and run it through the top part of the base and up towards the tip of your nail so that it blends together.  Don’t do too many streaks or it will look muddy (not to mention, your applicator brush will get messed up).  My tip for this is to get a few toothpicks and blend them in by hand.

Then, add your top coat or a good clear polish.  It will smooth everything out.  Don’t worry if all your nails don’t have the same gradient…imperfection is perfect!

Thanks Refinery29 for the great ideas!  Click on each photo to see their explanations of each step.

I will post my nails with a small variation of this soon (today or tomorrow).

Just make sure you are listening to

Pro Nails by Kid Sister when you are doing this.

Click the photo to listen!


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