FRIENDS: Tunde Ogunnoiki

Tunde is one of those people I literally bumped into.  I was finishing my last quarter at SCAD’s Atlanta, GA campus and my homegirl BOSCO was having a business meeting at coffee shop and I decided to go and hang out.  At the meeting, I met Tunde.  Soft-spoken with mighty ideas, Tunde’s energy and excitement to create is more infections than any sticky-fingered kid’s cold.  This man is constantly on his grind and collaborating with his fabulous lady Oni.  Also, for your information, Tunde has a very precise trigger finger.  He took this of me a few days before I finished school and returned to Chicago.

And now, everyone, meet Tunde.  Creator of FRESH.i.AM…

JJV: Who are you?

TO: Tunde Ogunnoiki

JJV: What is your ultimate passion?

TO: Creating

Tunde's inspired workspace.

JJV: What is your driving force?

TO: The ability to create something better than my last creation

JJV: What did you eat today?

TO: Nothing so far unless you consider cannabis

JJV: How did you get involved with Theophilus London?

TO: We linked up at Art Basel, he really liked my hats and asked to do a collab and the rest is history.

Theophilus London stunting FIA's LVRS hat for France's own Snatch Mag.

Theophilus London pictured in Brooklyn Magazine in the LVRS hat.

Theophilus London is FRESH in Italy's own GRAZIA mag

The GG$ hat completely sold out on 8.15.11!!!!

JJV: What new projects and products can we see from you this season?

TO: I’m really into this idea of control and repetition, so I’ve created these awesome lips broaches symbolizing everything wrong with humans now.  other than the deepness it looks pretty cool

Click to shop the FRESH.i.AM market!

JJV: Why are you doing what you’re doing?

TO: 1. Its fun.  2. If I didn’t I’d probably would have killed someone or worse 3. If I don’t do what I’m doing, no one else will.

JJV: When do you get your best ideas?

TO: When everyone within a 3mile radius is sleep, or not there.

JJV: Are you proactive or reactive?

TO: Both.

JJV: What is the one thing you find yourself wearing the most?

TO: Black.

JJV: If you were to choose the year you were born, what year would it be? Why?

TO: Now, I feel we are living in a very magical time that could be the beginning of the end of us, or the beginning of something the universe has never seen.

JJV: What is your version of breakfast of champions?

TO: 2 eggs medium over, toast, pancakes, strawberries, espresso, OJ and a blunt of some BK

I couldn’t resist to post this one.

Now- go buy something!


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