ART: San Luis Obispo Open Studios (South)

I’m on the road back from SLO where I saw some really cool art at the once-a-year open studios. Pottery, jewelry, photography and mixed media. Great stuff. Sometimes when I go to things like this, I see some REALLY REALLY bad art. Perhaps I saw some that was mediocre- but the really clever and as my boyfriend’s mom would say, “que curioso” stuff, was simply brilliant. Like this shadow box:


The houses are also quite a wonder. My favorite house was Lynn & Carol’s. It was a little mexican-native-art-inspired bungalow and it was so cozy! I loved this collection of salt and pepper shakers that lined the wall of their kitchen. Kitch is so easy to screw up when you are designing your home, and when done right, it looks fabulous and fun with a touch of humor.


There was also a rock garden in the back, that had a miniature western town running through it. Equipped with covered wagons, local stores and even a train with tracks, I fell in love with it. Their choice in succulents to surround their home with also hit the nose on the head!




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