BEAUTY: Matching Eye Shadow to Skintone as Seen on

It’s funny how a lot of people actually don’t really know how to do this.  Your skintone plays a huge part in how you should apply your makeup.  Just because they make black mascara doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to use it.  The same goes for liners and eye shadows.  They make different colors for a reason.

If you’re fair skin you don’t always have to use black everything.  You can use light browns, pinks and even cool blues and greens.  Same goes for darker skin.  Using black is so overrated and boring.  Spice up your lids and add some color!

Spring 2011

For fall and winter, the biggest trend right now is using shadows that are colored (dark green is huge right now) but that have deep undertones of chocolate brown, gold and grey.  This was seen on the runways paired along with a rouged cheek that gave faces a flushed look.  This was seen on runways from Oscar de la Renta to Ralph Lauren.  To achieve this, try using colors like coral, magenta, and dusty rose to give yourself a flushed fresh face.

Personally, I use two different shades of liners on my eyes depending on the occasion.  I use a soft black for the upper lids and a dark brown for the lower lids (daytime).  Or I do the outer corners of my lids in the soft black and in the rest of the lid in the dark brown (usually for evening looks). I have always loved using colored shadows, and I have a dusty orange (orange with a little gold and brown) that I  like to pair with light brown or an army green.  Sometimes I’ll throw in a little highlight under my eyebrows and in the corner of my eyes.

In terms of eye shadows, I actually own a lot of shades of the Loreal HIP duos.

They’re a really great choice in a pinch when you’re going out the door and don’t want to experiment or when you’re packing light for a trip.  Jhizet Panosian, a celebrity make-up artist, explains how to use them to match your eye shadow to your skintone (not just your eyes) in this Signature Series quick tip video.

To view the video click HERE.


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