SF EVENTS: City Dolls Trunk Show at Space Gallery [12.10.11]

This event was amazing!  Kirsten Incorvaia planned this amazing event where art and shopping truly coexisted.  The INCREDIBLE installation by Bunny Reiss and Monica Canilao was something other-worldly.  Just imagine if an Anthropologie holiday store installation combined forces with your grandmother and her bestie who just happened to be a gypsy.  Vintage lace, crocheted afghans, vintage wall paper, birch bark, upcycled wood and tungsten lighting enveloped the rooms and created disorienting pathways that made you feel like you were exploring.  The exhibit was only 3 rooms, and I wish it went on forever!  Luckily, I can see it again because after it’s stint at Space Gallery, it will be on its way to installation stardom at the SF MOMA!!!!!!  How exciting?

Amour Vert

The most interesting part was how the vendors were incorporated into the show.  They were nestled into little nooks and crannies within the exhibit as well as in the main room at the top of the stairs.  There were so many jewelry vendors it was impossible not to escape without picking up some loot.  Here were a few of my favorite vendors.

Bonne Fille

Mina of Dear Mina

Dear Mina

Dear Mina

The Loin Arts (Featured art from artists residing in The Tenderloin district)

Paulina Carcach

I lost her card! But she collects and sells gypsy jewelry and is based out of LA. There are 2 more photos of her stuff after the jump.

Don’t forget to read ‘s recount of this event in SFindiefashion.com!  HERE.


xoxo, Joules


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