DIY: Reupholstering, Refinishing & Still In Progress Vintage Furniture

So I haven’t been updating you on all the lovely little projects I have been finishing lately.  Sometimes they get finished and sold so fast I usually find something else to work on.  Here are a few photos of finished projects for you to enjoy!

American of Martinsville Mini Hutch With Drawer: Refinished with black lacquer top and legs

This 1960’s Dusty Rose Velvet French Provincial Repro Mini Wingback: I added a little stuffing, tightened the springs and reupholstered the bottom with fresh burlap and refinished the legs.

Set of two Naugahyde Butter Yellow Studded Arm Chairs: Brought these two back to life! Naugahyde needed some work and refinished the wood

Pair of Oak Lounge Chairs: Orange wool inlaid into backrest and new upholstered seat with new 2 inch foam!

IN PROGRESS: This is a 1960’s dining table that I am sanding down and refinishing. It will have the original butter yellow sides with a creamy white glossy top with a cherry red border. It stands on elegant steel legs.

Vintage Letter Press Drawer: A personal project of mine

It’s going to be a jewelry display case for my trunk shows! I cut out and glued in wool felt into all the squares…

And then I’m going to add plexi with a hinge, two locks, a nice handle and sew a felt zipcase for travel! Finished product photos to come this week. You can see the finished product in Burbank this weekend at the Vintage Clothing & Textile Show!

 See you this weekend in Burbank!


One thought on “DIY: Reupholstering, Refinishing & Still In Progress Vintage Furniture

  1. Our site will help anyone wanting to refinish their own front door. We have a video that you may find very helpful. We have a door completely refinished and completed within three hours. We are located in the Houston, TX area and #1 in the business.
    Your information here is right on! Thanks for sharing and Happy 2012.

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