SHOPPING: Stylin’, Profilin’ and Haulin’ at Alameda Antiques Faire [02.05.12]

I love selling at Alameda.  Being in the great outdoors, fresh air, and the smell of food trucks, will just instantly put a smile on my face.  And what makes me smile even bigger is seeing fabulous well-dressed people shopping my booth (it makes getting up at 4am to drive to Alameda totally worth it).

Here are a few awesome stylish folks who came to visit my booth and check out my goodies.

This is such an inspirational look. I love a good green and it mixes nautical with...

..a little humor. Check out this Pelican crest patch on his blazer!!!!

This charming duo were all cozied up in their cable knits.

And I was totally crushing on their shoes!

This chica was so smart. Bring a parasol to Alameda to stay cool in the sun! Sunburn is so not cute.

How rad is her suede hat!? And not to mention...

...this super super cute elephant carry-all! If you're shoppin' and haulin' you have to be prepared!

This lovely lady completely had me seeing deja vu...she has a 1960's knockoff Enid Collins bag...and guess what?

...I picked one up the day before for the shop!!!!

These two get my cutest couple of the day award. HANDS DOWN!

I love the detail on the back of his sweater too!

So fresh ladies! I was DYING over her huge vintage leather utility bag.

She was trying on these glasses in my booth, I love this photo of her.

Yes please. This coat is ridiculously supurb.

This sleek street-smart trio had me gushing.

This rockabilly bombshell was the cat's meyow. Magenta hair, eyebrows and lips! You go, girl!

And her nails too!? I'm sold. Love these rings to boot.

These two lovely ladies were so adorable. And that cute green polka dot skirt!? It's a dress!!!!!

Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment of my booth!

This was a little rope chair I finished the day before Alameda. I'm so glad it went to a good home!!!!

I had my chalkboard out!

Everyone loves a good pair of frames!

I hope all of you who I met at the Fair had as much fun as I did!  I hope to see you all again next month!  I’ll be there so just keep an eye out!

xoxo, Joules


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