DIY: Nails Inc. London Magnetic #Nail Polish Instant #NailArt With No Fuss!

Sephora should be called heaven on earth for beauty nerds.  When you walk inside you know you have entered the best place on earth.  Instead of pearly white gates, it’s black and white tile floors, bright lights, rad dance music like “It’s Your Touch” by The Black Ghosts and the angels wear all black, headsets and expertly placed blush and bronzer.  Just imagine, every beauty product you can imagine is at your fingertips, you can test everything, and when you make a purchase- you get a free sample.  Oh, how heavenly!


I walked into this heaven on earth the other day to see what’s new in the beauty world.  A rockabilly chica helped me look at 2-in-1 blush sticks and stains and then she showed me the new Nails Inc. London line they just began carrying this year.

Nails Inc. London came out with the most fabulous nail art effect I have seen to date;  MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH!!!!!  The lady who was showing me around did a little demonstration on my finger and I was hooked.  Here’s a tutorial for you to watch.  You’re going to love this one!!!!

This is a great way to add a little nail art without spending much time on your nails.  It’s great when you’re in a hurry, and you need something quick and simple but that looks like you spent hours on it!

This gift set includes: Whitehall Teal (teal), Houses Of Parliament (purple) and Trafalgar Square (chrome) $30 for the set or $15 each at Sephora



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