FRIENDS & MUSIC: BOSCO Needs A Tour Kickstarter! Less Than 72 Hours Left!

Bosco is my homegirl.  She is one of the most driven and creative people I know.  I somehow only surround myself with people like this.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have it this way.

Left to Right: Jillian Knox (me!), Ashley Rhoden (Ashley Rhoden Design) & BOSCO (c. Jillian Knox 2008)

Bosco has been having a love affair with music for a very long time.  I remember the first time I really immersed myself into BOSCOland was when I was finishing my last quarter at the SCAD Atlanta campus.  Yes.  Bosco went to SCAD.  One of the most critically acclaimed schools for the creatively inclined.  And she is just that.

Creatively inclined.  Creatively blessed.  Creatively consumed.

Creative.  Period.

Her vocal talents equal if not surpass her mental creative aptitude.  Her work ethic is unreal.  She pretty much never sleeps.  The thought of her dream of having a permanent relationship with music, slipping away, is just unacceptable.

Well, hello Bosco. How do you do? >click me

When I visited her in Atlanta in August, Ira G, Bosco and myself stayed up until almost 3am on the eve of her Pacer EP release trying to figure out the perfect order to the album.  She didn’t want to sleep until it was done right.

Which brings me to my next point.  Bosco is pretty much not sleeping because her Kickstarter “BOSCO Needs a Tour” Campaign goal has not been reached and there are less than 72 hours left to go.  She plans on touring everywhere and plays with an INCREDIBLE live band.  That’s a lot of people to room and board let alone to get on a plane.  And don’t forget that equipment!

The fact is, they deserve this.  And you deserve to feel good knowing you helped a dream materialize into a reality.  Not only will you feel good about this, but with each donation, you receive something in return.  For example, free download of the EP, bonus songs, personal chat via SKYPE with BOSCO herself, hang out in person with the band (they are willing to travel up to 200 miles away from Atlanta to meet you).  The list just goes on.

Every little bit counts.  And so does every lotta bit.  Donate what you can and see this lady flourish.  She just might come to a venue near you.

So what are you waiting for?!  Perhaps a few videos to show you how refined her talent, image and creative spirit is?  Okay, fine.  But don’t blame me if you have to pick your jaw off the ground…because she is just that good.


Show some love.


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