SHOPPING: Fab Finds, Fabulous People and Fresh Baked Goods at Alameda Antique Faire [03.04.12]

I love this look! She looks like a modern day pinup. Her hair is perfect and those jeans are doing her justice! I love this rockabilly look- it's something I don't ever think I could pull off myself but I have admired it for years.

And her tattoo sleeve is lovely! Again, something I wish I had the guts to do (I'm kinda a wuss when it comes to tattoos).

This is such an inspiring look! Fun and tailored, and perfect for 75 degree weather! And who said an oversized tote was just for ladies? Yeah, right! He's rockin' it!

And this hat!? YES, YES, YES. Many times, yes! I love when people wear traditional statement pieces with contemporary clothing.

This guy is one of my favorite people who comes to the faire. He has so much energy and is so gutsy with his style.

This lovely lady has executed effortless style perfectly. She looks comfortable and fabulous!

She also has an incredibly adorably chic mother.

And they have matching tattoos! Daughter: I love you more. Mother: I love you most.

This fab trio were rocking stripes! I love it!

Check out the striped socks!!!!!

This awesome chica, Kennis Chow, was hanging out with her really cool brother, Dickson, shopping my booth and I couldn't help but to notice that she is super adorable.

And she was toting probably one of the most badass digital cameras I have seen to date. The Fuji x100. HOLY MOLY.


This man was sporting the best leather goods I have seen for dudes. Very nice!

I mean, check out this bag and his shoes! OH YEAH. Amazing.

These ladies were super fly! A cape made from an over-sized silk scarf? Check. Chambray? Check. Easy breezy? I think so!!!! The lovely lady on the left owns Green in Oakland. Check it out.


This is one of my fave outfits of the day probably. I mean, all black is timeless and I love a good slouchy getup. The topper on the cake for me is her granny cart that has an old school boombox and a Chanel bag inside. LIKE, YEAH> YOU ROCK. Check out Liz's blog.



Speaking of cake, I made 2 dozen light and fluffy strawberry vegan cupcakes for customers who made a purchase of $25 or more.  I think they turned out pretty well!  For those of you who got one, I hope you liked it!!!!!!

I also found some AMAZING little items at the faire.    Some are for me and some are for the shop.

I found these amazing patent leather mens shoes. Made in Italy with leather soles! I'm going to replace the laces with super fluffy ribbon to wear them with my skinny jeans. You'll see- it's going to be amazing.

This ridiculously amazing carpet bag! It's got lots of little pockets for me to put all my little gadgets in. Airport bag? You bet.

This lovely straw bag is for the shop! You'll see it online soon! The straw detaches so you can wash the canvas sack inside. And the wooden handle is just to die for!

And this darling black suede mini clutch is so amazing! It'll be in the shop too!!

See you at the next event!

xoxo, Joules


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