SF EVENTS: Treasure Island Flea [03.24-25.12]

I love Treasure Island Flea.  My kind of people shop there.  Fashionable, cool and fun to talk to.  And most importantly, you guys love my clothes and jewelry!  Thank you!

It was rather rainy and depressing the first day, but all you TI fans came out in droves and we love your dedication!

I had a pretty big booth this time- a nice 10×010!  I filled it with two racks of shoes, a table with loads of jewelry, hats, my handbag display, and three racks of clothes!

A little surprise from Square (the company I use to process my credit card transactions), Annalise, a rep from Square loved my chalkboard easel sign and she took a photo to show the other vendors.  How funny?!

The same day, I sold a pair of 1960’s Totes rainboots to a fabulous lady who looked so awesome in them I just had to show you guys.  I have one more pair in black (FYI).

She looked so great in these boots!

How rad!?

The second day, was much more sunny and the light poured into the building.

I loved my mannequin’s outfit haha

I spotted a fabulous chica (and now I don’t remember her name and I feel so bad about that) who had the best example on how to wear short shorts.  Take notes people!

This is how you wear short denim shorts.

Sheer black tights, cuffed distressed shorts and a beautiful flowing blouse.  Mix up your textures and add a little class to your short shorts.  I also loved her little collar pin.  How clever!?

See you at the next event!

xoxo, Joules


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