SPOTTED: SF Street Fashion Handpicked

So I have been snapping photos around the city here and there of fabulous San Franciscans who have mad style.

Two fab ladies at my fave spot, The Homestead.

LOVE these two. His mustache is so amazing. At The Homestead.

More fab ladies spotted at The Homestead.

Alexandra aka The Tsaritsa, myself and Punam Patel from Nothing Broken at Rue Mag + GAP Party.

Jackie aka The Hourglass at Rue Mag + GAP Party.

A fabulous chica at Treasure Island Flea, trying on the shop’s fur coat.

This lovely lady, sporting a SQUIRREL FUR COAT at Treasure Island Flea!!!!!!

I believe her name was Nancy- this very very sweet woman was rocking this coat and her beautiful pearls (they had a beautiful shade of yellow that I had never seen before).

These two fab ladies were spotted at my booth at Concord Antique Faire last month!

I posted this before…but I had to it again. This look is just simply divine! At Treasure Island Flea.

Brittany Bosco in the Mission on Valencia Street.

Anwar, spotted in Dolores Park.


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