SF EVENTS: Two Events One Weekend & More Upcoming @FleaTI

Many of you probably got an e-mail or tweet notifying you that I was going to appear last weekend at Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire and the very new Concord Antique Faire.

Well, it was a blast!  Thanks to everyone who came and supported me at both locations!  I had so much fun meeting you!

Here are some photos from this past weekend!

Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire:

I’m pretty sure I have photographed this fab duo at the Alameda Antiques Fair. They ALWAYS look so dashing!

I loved these ladies’ outfits! You just can’t deny a well-tailored outfit from the 50’s. Someone sound the alarm!

The best accessory sighting…a patent leather purse with a built-in pocket watch! Pocket purse watch? Whatever the nom propre, I’m all in!

Patterns galore! Want to be dashing? Be daring, and mix up your prints or wear bold striking ones to compliment your figure!!!

Concord Antique Faire:

I love my new canopy. It created great shade and a cozy shopping nook.

I had a record FOUR racks of goodies plus a jewelry table and TWO shoe racks!!!!

And my dear friend Anna looking adorbs alongside my mountain of bags!

So you’re probably wondering what’s next?!  Where will I be THIS weekend?!

At Treasure Island Flea of course!

I will be there on Sunday 05.27.12, whipping out the best vintage you have ever feasted your eyes on!  I’ll have my Paris rack out, and much more!  The best part is I’ll be sharing my booth with none other than the fabulous Petra from The Second Rvivl, who will be stuntin’ the best color-coordinated furniture you’ve ever feasted your eyes on!  Come visit us at our extra large 20×20 booth #272 near the North Entrance at TI Flea.

Petra was also at Concord this past weekend if you missed her!

Petra brought the apartment therapy to Concord!

Come visit us and don’t forget to visit other SFEtsy members who are selling at the show!  We will all be passing out maps with our booth numbers for you to find us!

I will also be selling at Alameda Antiques Fair on June 3rd!  I will be finishing up MANY MANY furniture projects (reupholstering mostly) and they will make their debut here!  So if you need furniture make sure you bring a cart and stop by!  I will announce my booth number via twitter (@jjoules) the morning of so follow me to stay in the loop!!!!

If you want to get exclusive news (not spam) delivered to your inbox, make sure you sign up by clicking the link for the “JJV Shop List” on the lower right sidebar. We announce our next appearances, sales, giveaways and promo codes exclusively for newsletter members!


One thought on “SF EVENTS: Two Events One Weekend & More Upcoming @FleaTI

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