SHOPPING & DEALS: Nerdwallet is here to save the day! JJV’s NERDY sale!

Yesterday I had a little meeting with Jake, the creator of Nerdwallet, at their headquarters in SOMA.   

Nerdwallet is a startup that began with just two normal dudes who wanted to help people find a better way to choose the perfect credit card.  And now, a few years later, it has expanded to offer shoppers an efficient way to find discounts and deals from their favorite retailers.  They have also extended a hand out to small business owners (like yours truly) to help them spread the word about their shops as well as special sales and discounts!  The best part about this is for independent retailers, it’s FREE!

Not only is the very existence of Nerdwallet the best thing since sliced bread, Joules Jewels Vintage is now a part of this ingenious online shopping community!!!!!  To celebrate, you can get 10% off your next JJV purchase by using this promo code at checkout:


Make sure you bookmark our profile on Nerdwallet to see secret sales and other promo codes just for you savvy consumers!  To see the shop’s profile, just click on the photo below.

What are you waiting for?  This deal expires on June 9th!!!!


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