APPS & iPHONE: JJV Goes to @Intuit HQ to Talk All Things Tech + @WeaveApp

I have been loving working with the folks at Intuit these past few months and using Weave has really made doing business a breeze.  All of my various DIY projects, shopping trips, income and expenses are tracked all through ONE app.

It’s kind of a miracle.

On Sunday at Alameda Antique Fair, I met with two of the Weave reps and we filmed a YouTube video about Joules Jewels Vintage and how I used Weave to stay on top of it all.  I will be posting that soon, so stay tuned!!!!

I love this dress- it was in pieces at an estate sale and I fit them together and sewed it up! My shoes are Dolce Vita that I got in their February giveaway!

Today, I went to Intuit HQ in Mountain View, CA to sit down for a taping of an internal web show; The Art of Mobile.  I am truly a believer in social media and phone apps to streamline business and manage personal life.  I can honestly say I use my phone as a data service and research tool more than I use it for talking.

Technology and business…who knew!?

I have never felt so special than today!  At 8:30am this morning there was a town car waiting outside my apartment!

So awesome!

About an hour or so later, I arrived at the Intuit campus where I was greeted by Jay, the sweetest and most enthusiastic woman I have ever met.  The set was so cool too!

Jay and I in the studio!

The biggest thing I learned today, Intuit genuinely values their customers.  They want to know how things work and how they can make it better.  Jay is so enthusiastic about customer relations that whenever she talked about it, she beamed from ear to ear!  This experience really makes me appreciate and value the tools they create (Weave, TurboTax, QuickBooks, etc.) because they really do put so much effort and research behind its development.

Everything is still in the works, but there will be some very exciting things happening that I will share soon!  Stay tuned!!!!

xoxo, Joules


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