SHOPPING: The Handbag Hour- Vintage Summer Handbags Handpicked

Anyone who will come to my house will understand that I have an obsession with handbags.  It can most certainly be traced back to my mother.  She has more bags than many think is humanly possible.  And now I get it.  Handbags are amazing.  They can be the cherry on top to what may seem to be a “normal” outfit.  A t-shirt and jeans with a pair of flats becomes much more interesting if you are toting around an encrusted beaded handbag from the 70’s.  I mean, talk about show-stopper!

So this blog post is not only going to give you a peak into my own personal handbag collection, but also introduce you to the newest bags in the shop!  Sometimes, I will collect items until I get a sizable amount and then will list them all at once, so you have more variety to choose from.  This is the case today.  I have eight, yes, count them- EIGHT vintage handbags some by infamous designers or department stores and some that are just down right adorable.

All of these items are available in the shop, RIGHT NOW.  So get ’em while they are hot!  The summer sun will soon fade away and these deserve some time to bask in the coppertone glow.

Say hello to our first perfect sundress companion.

Vintage Marchioness for Macy’s NYC White Raffia and Facetted Beaded Handbag Purse $40

Vintage Sàber Genuine Leather Metallic Dusty Brown Handbag Purse $48

Vintage Faux Enid Collins Style Rooster Embellished Sequin Beaded Handbag Purse $18

Vintage 100% Leather Lilac and Violet Bow Handbag Purse Clutch $24

You may also notice, that I liked this bag so much that I made it our shop’s button at the top right corner of the page.

Vintage Potbelly Straw Nickel Studded with Faux Leather Vegan Handles Handbag Purse Tote $32

This purse actually came from my personal collection.  I have only used it once!

The next bag was a project piece that was adorned with handmade pompoms by my friend Jasmine on our ladies #craftday.  You can see more photos from craftday by following me on Instagram (@jjoules) or by searching for the #craftday hashtag.

@holajasmine gets creative with some pompom action on #craftday


Vintage Liberty House of Hawaii with Neon Pink Handmade Pompoms Raffia Straw Handbag Purse Tote $48

The Liberty House is a coveted vintage Hawaiian brand.  1930-1960 was considered “The Golden Age of Hawaiian Music”  and the biggest surge in popularity occurred between 1950-60.  Everything from Ukuleles, handbags, vinyl and loungewear were immediately scooped up by eager admirers.  Hawaiian dresses from this time period can range from $60-$250 depending on the designer and silhouette.  I actually will be listing a dress from this period in the near future.  

Vintage Sarné Teal Raffia Straw Brass Studded Square Box Handbag Purse $44

Vintage Pink and Purple Chevron Needle Point Crocheted Floral Blossom Clutch by Doris $26

Let’s just talk about this one for a second…this is handmade and signed by a cute granny!?  This is by far the best personal touch I have seen on an object.  It’s so well-made and has just the right touch of kitsch.

Now for my personal collection…

Vintage 1980’s Fendi Crossbody

I recently acquired this gem.  The leather is so supple and soft.  I love that it’s mostly plain and doesn’t scream   “I wear designer labels.”  It’s incognito.  This is my only all brown bag.

Vintage 1970’s Straw & Leather Handbag

This bag is so versatile.  The best part for me is the two-toned leather and the durability of the straw.

Vintage 1980’s Cream Snake-skin Clutch

This was an investment piece.  I have worn this little number to weddings and even black tie galas.  It also has a strap inside but I rarely use it.  It’s got enough room for a cell phone keys, camera and even a decent sized wallet.

Vintage 1960’s Kelly Green Rubber Purse

This bag has sentimental value for me (although all my bags do).  My grandmother (Ruby Nickens- whom The Ruby Collection is named after) gave me a similar purse when I was little sprout.  It was Kelly green crushed velvet with brass hardware.  I was too young to appreciate it.  I think I donated it to Goodwill- when I was in high school.  This purse has three compartments that close with brass kiss locks.  It’s so lovely and the texture is so unusual.

Vintage 1980’s Marshall Field’s Oversized Envelope Clutch

This one was a gift from my fiancée.  We were in Knee Deep in Chicago and  it just happened to fit my laptop.  I use it for interviews and business meetings to give my laptop a little bit of an entrance.  It’s also great with a black outfit that is body conscious.  This bag is so oversized it took me 3 times to fit it all in the frame on my iPhone.

Vintage 1970’s Tooled Vinyl Multi-Colored Asymmetrical Clutch

I purchased this awesome bag in Atlanta at the mega vintage store Rag-O-Rama.  This was my number one summer bag a few years ago.  It’s so roomy inside, I can pretty much fit anything I need for a night out or special occasion.  I even wore it to a wedding

Vintage 1980’s Chevron Micro Bead Bag

 My fancy pants bag.  I wore this to the Cinco de Mayo black tie gala with my Vintage St. John’s bodycon dress.  I felt so sexy and chic.  This was totally the cherry on the outfit.  This entire bag is loaded with micro beads and cylinder beads.

Vintage 1980’s Lacquered Straw Mini Clutch

This was the result of the first auction I ever won on eBay when I was finishing school at SCAD’s Atlanta campus.  I am truly convinced eBay is a treasure trove for vintage items if you are willing to babysit your computer to win auctions.

Vintage 1980’s Fendi “Speedy” Style Handbag

This bag also has sentimental value for me.  This was a purchase I made on Melrose Ave in LA on the first trip my fiancée and I ever took together when we started dating.  He swept me away for a much needed, three-day weekend mini break.  It was after mid terms were over.    I will never forget this trip as long as I live.

Vintage 1990’s Dooney & Bourke Crossbody

 I am a HUGE Dooney fan.  But I am very specific about what bags I collect.  I only like the All Weather Leather line, which is more classic and versatile for everyday wear.  I have 4 Dooney bags, but this is my fave out of all of them because my homegirl BOSCO gave this to me for my 24th birthday.

I have a handbag problem. So what.

I hope you enjoyed peeking through my closet and reminiscing with me!  The eight handbags listed at the beginning of the article can be purchased HERE.

What’s your favorite handbag you own!?  I’d love to hear your stories!

xoxo, Joules


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