NEWS & POSTMORTEM: Your SQFT Mid-Market Launch August 1, 2012 + Video Feature!

On August 1st, Your SQFT first launched their concept of Urban Revitalization on Market Street right here in SF.  It was a great event and my favorite crafty chica Victoria from Our House Vintage & Design was there to help me sell at my booth at this lovely pop-up event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Being a young small business owner, I have been looking for a space to call home and open up for business…permanently.  San Francisco is LOADED with tons of empty spaces where the owners are still holding on to rent them out for top dollar, when this economy just can’t support that idea.  Property value is down (everyone knows that), and it’s just foolish to let these spaces stand alone and rot.  It’s better to bring in small businesses who can supplement even fifty percent of the value than to loose one hundred percent every month.  Not to mention, these small businesses will increase future property value in the community and boost morale for all who inhabit the space.  It’s why it’s YOUR SQFT.  We all can do something to make our communities something we can cherish and say that we had a hand in supporting.  We have a responsibility to work together to make our communities and neighborhoods a better place.

The beautiful video below was shot by Your SQFT on August 1st, 2012 with a cameo appearance by yours truly!  I hope you love it!


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