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I have just recently found a few nuggets of coal and polished them up so well they are now diamonds!  Well, in obsessive furniture speak, that means I have new furniture I just finished, and they look great.

Up first is this little two-drawer nightstand that had really seen better days.  The polyurethane was chipping and peeling like a bad suntan and the legs were totally rusted.  Took me a few days to breathe some fresh air back into this lovely little piece, but I believed in it.

Vintage Mid Century Tiffany Blue and Gold Double Drawer Nightstand


Up next this fantastic little find; a redwood bookcase/cabinet with two drawers.  This one also needed some much needed TLC, but I think this one was the little engine that could.

Vintage Redwood Bookshelf Cabinet


This next pair also had a rough past life; filled with humidity and hot days, the tops of these nightstands decided to reach for the sky for salvation.  Most would have given up on them, but like a hobo with a fresh shave, they have never looked better!

Mid Century Nightstand Set

You may not know this, but Lane from Altavista, VA is probably my favorite brand of furniture.  Their construction and choice of woodgrain really makes me fall in love every time.  I didn’t really have to do much to this table, but the fact that I even found it is a miracle in itself.  These swivel boomerang tables are super rare and because of the moving parts, they often are really damaged if you do happen to come across one.

Mid Century Lane Swivel Boomerang Coffee Table

And finally, some fantastic lighting solutions!

Vintage Mid Century Teak and Brass Lamp With Double Diffusion Shade


Mid Century Brass Task Lamp

And storage solutions!

Vintage Mid Century Wire Two Shelf Rack

Vintage Mid Century Wire Bathroom Caddy

I also encountered a stash of 1960’s movie theater marquee letters!  Now you can decorate to your heart’s content!  Mix and match and if you buy five (5) or more you get them for $6 each instead of $8!

I will be listing them a little bit everyday, so stay tuned!

Vintage 60’s Marquee Black 4″ Letter “A”


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