2013: Good Wishes for a New Year

I hope your holidays were bright and filled with love! I hope you got all the presents you wanted too! Here’s a picture of me when I was eight at Christmas. I found it when I was digging through some old stuff at my parents’ house this holiday. Isn’t it funny?


I went to DC to see my family and picked up some new things for you! I got about 30 pounds of awesome vintage for the shop, this time- most of it being for men, and I can’t wait until you see it! I’ve spent the past week recovering from traveling and partying down on NYE, but I have been working and doing some minor repairs on the new stuff for the shop. Only the best for my JJV lovers!

I will also be going to Chicago next month and I’ll be picking up some new stuff for you and also I can’t wait to link up with some of my vintage buddies (gimme a call ladies- you know who you are)! Not to mention it’s going to be my birthday, so expect some really great pictures, outfit planning and nail tutorial photos!

I’m so excited to tell you guys we have lots of really amazing things planned for this year, you are going to love it! I have to keep mum for now but trust me, it’s juicy!

I am hoping that this upcoming year will be just as amazing, fruitful and fun as the last! And I want to thank all of you out there who made it possible!

Happy new year everyone and to a wonderful and beautiful 2013!


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