SHOPPING & SALES: JJV @Etsy Special Valentine’s Week Sale! 25% OFF! @SFEtsy #JJVSALE


That’s right!  In the name of love, and loving you- our valentine’s sale is going to be spectacular!

You can enjoy 25% off the ENTIRE SHOP from February 11-16.

Use promo code JJVLOVE13 at checkout.

Also, all purchases made during this time will get a FREE UBER FUN GIFT with your package!

Be sure to tweet that you made a purchase from our shop!

You will be sent a personalized one-time use promo code of 10% off your next purchase*!

Don’t forget to check out our V-Day Gift Guide on Pinterest!

*Personalized promo code can only be used after February 16.

jjv_happy vday

For you love rabbits out there who need a little romantical playlist for V-day, enjoy my Meyow Mix

And for you woeful indie love birds try this on for size AMORE: love songs for creeps

Enjoy a little Outkast today too…why not.

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