DIY FURNITURE: NEW Finished Projects Ready for Your Home!

I have been working at the speed of lightning to complete furniture that has been sitting around and just have not been able to get to.  Without further ado, here are projects I have recently completed.


DSC05842 DSC05845

Antique Victorian Solid Walnut Tiffany Blue and White Column Table $125


305846_10100319705584637_1514536710_n DSC05865

Retro Golden Wire Barstool Set with Table $220

DSC05851 DSC05856

Mod 60’s Set of Two Dining Room Chairs with Brass Studs and Leaf Upholstery $135

I am also working on more furniture as you are reading this. ¬†I have a very cool and very ergonomic office chair from the 1950’s and a very covetable Tulip Table by Knoll. ¬†Yes, that’s right- KNOLL!



DIY FURNITURE: Furniture, Lighting and Decor. Currently for Sale!

I have just recently found a few nuggets of coal and polished them up so well they are now diamonds!  Well, in obsessive furniture speak, that means I have new furniture I just finished, and they look great.

Up first is this little two-drawer nightstand that had really seen better days.  The polyurethane was chipping and peeling like a bad suntan and the legs were totally rusted.  Took me a few days to breathe some fresh air back into this lovely little piece, but I believed in it.

Vintage Mid Century Tiffany Blue and Gold Double Drawer Nightstand


Up next this fantastic little find; a redwood bookcase/cabinet with two drawers.  This one also needed some much needed TLC, but I think this one was the little engine that could.

Vintage Redwood Bookshelf Cabinet


This next pair also had a rough past life; filled with humidity and hot days, the tops of these nightstands decided to reach for the sky for salvation.  Most would have given up on them, but like a hobo with a fresh shave, they have never looked better!

Mid Century Nightstand Set

You may not know this, but Lane from Altavista, VA is probably my¬†favorite brand of furniture. ¬†Their construction and choice of woodgrain¬†really makes me fall in love every time. ¬†I didn’t really have to do much to this table, but the fact that I even found it is a miracle in itself. ¬†These swivel boomerang tables are super rare and because of the moving parts, they often are really damaged if you do happen to come across one.

Mid Century Lane Swivel Boomerang Coffee Table

And finally, some fantastic lighting solutions!

Vintage Mid Century Teak and Brass Lamp With Double Diffusion Shade


Mid Century Brass Task Lamp

And storage solutions!

Vintage Mid Century Wire Two Shelf Rack

Vintage Mid Century Wire Bathroom Caddy

I also encountered a stash of 1960’s movie theater marquee letters! ¬†Now you can decorate to your heart’s content! ¬†Mix and match and if you buy five (5) or more you get them for $6 each instead of $8!

I will be listing them a little bit everyday, so stay tuned!

Vintage 60’s Marquee Black 4″ Letter “A”

DIY Furniture: Mid Century Love Seat FINISHED!

I just finished my very first love seat. ¬†And I’m so proud of it! ¬†It came as a set with two matching armchairs, however I plan on¬†reupholstering¬†those with different fabric (bright orange vinyl). ¬†Don’t worry, when I finish them I will post pics!!

Take a peek at my latest finished product!

I loved this fabric so much I bought all they had left at the store. I’m glad I did! It’s wool fabric that is used to make suit jackets…but I think it looks better on a couch.

I love how I got the stripes to flow down the seat. YUM.

The arm rests are the kicker for me. Solid walnut!? Yes please!!!!

I finished the sides off with these awesome brass studs!!!!

What do you think!?

You can purchase this lovely little couch HERE.

DIY: Furniture & Fixins (Completed)

I have been so crazy busy the past few days doing shows and such and most of all, working on furniture!

First project, was a commissioned project.¬† I refinished and reupholstered 8, yes…EIGHT teak Danish-made Forse Stolefabrik dining room chairs.¬† I loved them.¬† It is definitely the biggest project I have done to date.¬† I love these.

Force Stolefabrik Danish Chairs

How amazing?!

Next is the 1940’s dining room table that I decided needed a facelift.¬† I love love love the result!¬† It’s a 1941 The Howell Company dining room table.¬† It originally had a “Plastex” coat on the surface, but it was chipping and I was worried about lead content.¬† So I removed it and refinished it.¬† I love how it is two-toned now.

Next, I refinished this super awesome butter yellow Naugahyde executive office chair.  I refinished the entire frame and the solid walnut armrests.  I think it look unreal.  The original upholstery is in amazing condition.

Next up, I refinished 4 geometrical chairs and also reupholstered them with the most wicked graphic fabric.¬† Seriously, going to the fabric store is like going to a candy store for me.¬† It’s just so exhilarating.

Next, I finished an early 1900’s chair.¬† I want to say it’s from the 20’s or 30’s; the seat had burlap seat straps stretched over a wooden frame and the cushion was made of straw with cotton batting on top.¬† It also had handmade cast nails used to hold down all the fabric and straps.¬† It was way cool.¬† I really like how the seat is inset into the frame of the chair as well, it adds a little element of surprise.¬† Overall, I loved this little chair.¬† It was so much fun and this paint color made me smile.¬† Talk about a breath of fresh air.

My most detail oriented project was refinishing this dresser and nightstand (lowboy, kinda) bedroom set.¬† These guys were pretty jacked when I got them.¬† But they turned out to be so lovely.¬† I call them the “Tuxedo Striped” set.¬† It took me about a week to finish them (I’m kinda a perfectionist).¬† The effort was well worth it I think.

Lastly, I picked up a really awesome retro Toastmaster fan and decided that the original poo brown color was just not going to work for me.¬† I mean, if you’re going to have objects in your home, they should inspire you, bring joy and have a sense of humor.¬† It was my first time tinkering with electronics, but this was such a fun project I couldn’t resist.¬† A day of soaking, scrubbing and sanding brought this little baby out of the dark ages.¬† What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed my projects!¬† And believe it or not, I have more in the works as we speak.¬† You know me, I’m not happy unless I’m always working on something.¬† Stay tuned!

xoxo, Joules

DIY: Nails Inc. London Magnetic #Nail Polish Instant #NailArt With No Fuss!

Sephora should be called heaven on earth for beauty nerds.¬† When you walk inside you know you have entered the best place on earth.¬† Instead of pearly white gates, it’s black and white tile floors, bright lights, rad dance music like “It’s Your Touch” by The Black Ghosts and the angels wear all black, headsets and expertly placed blush and bronzer.¬† Just imagine, every beauty product you can imagine is at your fingertips, you can test everything, and when you make a purchase- you get a free sample.¬† Oh, how heavenly!


I walked into this heaven on earth the other day to see what’s new in the beauty world.¬† A rockabilly chica helped me look at 2-in-1 blush sticks and stains and then she showed me the new Nails Inc. London line they just began carrying this year.

Nails Inc. London came out with the most fabulous nail art effect I have seen to date;¬† MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH!!!!!¬† The lady who was showing me around did a little demonstration on my finger and I was hooked.¬† Here’s a tutorial for you to watch.¬† You’re going to love this one!!!!

This is a great way to add a little nail art without spending much time on your nails.¬† It’s great when you’re in a hurry, and you need something quick and simple but that looks like you spent hours on it!

This gift set includes: Whitehall Teal (teal), Houses Of Parliament (purple) and Trafalgar Square (chrome) $30 for the set or $15 each at Sephora


UPDATE: #CyberMonday Shopping Sales & DIY Furniture

Okay so you know that the Cyber Monday sale ends at 11pm on Tuesday 11.29.11!  You will automatically get 10% off and free shipping by using the code CYMON11 at checkout on ETSY or JJVSHOP.COM!

Also, after going on a few thrifting trips, I have a few haul and DIY progress photos to share with you!

First, I got this super cute bookshelf, German-made mod tea cup set, and a mid century goose neck brass lamp.¬† I love them!¬† I’m going to do a little rehab on the shelf and I’ll show you guys later.

My favorite part about this set is the cup rest in the saucer is off-center.

Isn't this lamp awesome!?

Also, I’ve been working on some good ‘ol diy projects around here.¬† I recently came across 6 America-made plywood dining chairs.¬† They needed some TLC and a little handy fix it know-how.¬† Here are some progress photos!

I love how aerodynamic and sleek these look now. Talk about gorgeous.

No- it's not still wet. It's just THAT shiny!

Okay, well- I’m off to list more items in the shop!¬† Happy holidays and happy shopping!

x0x0x – Joules

SHOPPING: Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Sales and Codes!

If you didn’t use your Black Friday coupon code the past few days, don’t worry because you’ll save more this weekend and on Monday and Tuesday!

Don’t miss out!


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DIY: Reupholstering & Refinishing a Mid Century Chair

This took a few days to complete, but over all- I think I did a pretty good job!  I used mattress canvas as the fabric for this chair.  I love the angles and over all design of this chair and think the petite stripes do it justice.  What do you think?






after: this was the hardest part!

I think applying the stripes in two directions accents the design of the chair pretty well!


BEAUTY: Matching Eye Shadow to Skintone as Seen on

It’s funny how a lot of people actually don’t really know how to do this.¬† Your skintone plays a huge part in how you should apply your makeup.¬† Just because they make black mascara doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to use it.¬† The same goes for liners and eye shadows.¬† They make different colors for a reason.

If you’re fair skin you don’t always have to use black everything.¬† You can use light browns, pinks and even cool blues and greens.¬† Same goes for darker skin.¬† Using black is so overrated and boring.¬† Spice up your lids and add some color!

Spring 2011

For fall and winter, the biggest trend right now is using shadows that are colored (dark green is huge right now) but that have deep undertones of chocolate brown, gold and grey.  This was seen on the runways paired along with a rouged cheek that gave faces a flushed look.  This was seen on runways from Oscar de la Renta to Ralph Lauren.  To achieve this, try using colors like coral, magenta, and dusty rose to give yourself a flushed fresh face.

Personally, I use two different shades of liners on my eyes depending on the occasion.¬† I use a soft black for the upper lids and a dark brown for the lower lids (daytime).¬† Or I do the outer corners of my lids in the soft black and in the rest of the lid in the dark brown (usually for evening looks). I have always loved using colored shadows, and I have a dusty orange (orange with a little gold and brown) that I¬† like to pair with light brown or an army green.¬† Sometimes I’ll throw in a little highlight under my eyebrows and in the corner of my eyes.

In terms of eye shadows, I actually own a lot of shades of the Loreal HIP duos.

They’re a really great choice in a pinch when you’re going out the door and don’t want to experiment or when you’re packing light for a trip.¬† Jhizet Panosian, a celebrity make-up artist, explains how to use them to match your eye shadow to your skintone (not just your eyes) in this Signature Series quick tip video.

To view the video click HERE.

CHICAGO EVENTS: Craft & Chocolate Holiday Sale [12.10.11] 12-5pm

I am pleased to introduce…

Craft and Chocolate Holiday Sale

December 10, 2011 | 12-5pm
Let Them Eat Chocolate
5306 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625

10 amazing artists and crafters coming together at this local chocolatier to sell their handcrafted paper art, jewelry, handcrafted accessories, housewares, pottery, stationary, photographs and prints.

Come to this amazing one-stop holiday shop before going to big box stores this holiday season.

Buy handmade.  Buy local.  Support the arts!

Illustration by Kevin Dalton.