TRAVEL & NEW IN SHOP: Chicago’s Finest + New Vintage Goodies for Shop

Chicago is always so much fun and it will always have a huge place in my heart. To me, Chicago is one of the most chic places next to New York and Paris. I was reading an article in Suitcase Mag where Nicole Blaje described Chicago as being “forced into modesty” because of the weather. And it’s true. Where and when you have brutal winds, snow and rain you have…LAYERS. Scarves, coats, blazers, hats and gloves. And when there are layers, you have a recipe for styled realness.

The other incredible thing I love about Chicago is the food. I have been in San Francisco for two years now and I still can’t fully understand why simple eats like pizza and hot dogs cost upwards of $5-$6. And if you want fries with it, it’s extra…huh? Chicago has so much good food for super cheap prices it’s almost like a food fairy tale. My fiancé and I both ate great food at a walk-up diner for $11. Taxes included. We got fries and a drink at no extra charge. Where else are you gonna get a deal like that (Hint: South Side, Pilsen and Logan Square)?! There are also so many great places to try where food and creativity collide. For instance, The Peasantry in Lakeview gets a huge 5 stars for their elevated street food and mind bending desserts. Late night, you can look forward to Telegraph in Logan Square for their très magnifique selection of French cheeses and wine and the most succulent Spanish olives you swear you’ve ever had in your life. Lucky Platter, in Evanston has some of THE best eggs benedicts around where lump crab cakes or fried green tomatoes are served up on a crispy slice of cornbread instead of an English muffin. Yeah, you heard me.






You can pretty much bet that when I come to Chicago, I go shopping for the store (and myself). It makes me feel good knowing I can scoop up union-made goods from people back in the day who actually cared about the goods they made instead of solely focusing on the dollars they got in their paychecks. Let’s face it- if you spend your hard-earned money on clothing you love, it should last you a long time.

I literally picked up POUNDS of vintage! I also dug up a few designer duds for the label lovers out there. Hermès, Diane Von Furstenburg, Jordache, Samsonite, Enid Collins and a few Italian artisan designs. I got lots of luggage and hand bags, 1930’s and 40’s hats and blushers for you Downton Abbey loving brides. And the topper on it all, faux fur coats. Yummy, oh so yummy.





So excited to share with you guys all the new goodies I picked up here in Chicago! They will be in the shop in the next few days, since, as you are reading this, I am a mile in the sky on the way back to the west coast. As you may have seen on Instagram, I did a little photoshoot in my in-laws’ back yard to show you all the sweet vintage you can get your hands on! I am so in love with everything, and I hope you love it as much as I do!