POSTMORTEM: Silver Lake Art Craft & Vintage + Rose Bowl Flea Market

Last weekend Allyson from Birthday Life Vintage and I embarked on an epic road trip to Los Angeles to do two shows; Silver Lake Art Craft & Vintage and Rosebowl Flea Market. Silver Lake was such a cute little place, with the farmer’s market right down the street it was the perfect day for an outdoor fair!  Allyson and I had so much fun there, we hope you did too!

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  At Silver Lake, I met Carrie from Barrington Blue and Lisa from Recycculents.  It’s so funny, the day before the market, I was browsing through Instagram and I found Carrie’s photos and I fell in love with her designs.  As we pulled into the parking lot of the elementary school that morning to set up our booth, I instantly spotted Carrie’s upholstery work.  What a small world!


At the Rose Bowl, we decorated our space with a July 4th theme!  We got up super early (3am) and got to The Bowl at about 4:30am.  It was really crazy with all the pickers with their flashlights hunting us down and snooping through our van while we were unpacking!  It was so much fun though.



Allyson and I got so pumped for our themed booth that we even dressed up in matching outfits!  Allyson is wearing deadsock vintage red, white and blue floral capris and a boatneck red and white striped top.  I am wearing a red and white striped tank that I made and a maxi skirt I made from blue and white floral vintage fabric.


All day we ran into super cool, fun and fashionable people; and I couldn’t help but to take some pics!


See you at the next flea!

xoxo Joules

POSTMORTEM: Treasure Island Flea @fleaTI + T-We @SFtwetea + Lix Perle

For those of you who peeped the Instagram or Facebook page, you knew we had a booth this past weekend at Treasure Island Flea.  The weather was amazing and so beautiful, it was almost a crime to be inside, so all you lovelies who shopped with us, you probably got your vitamin D fix.


Aside from the beautiful weather, my booth was right next to a lovely little lady, Lyseen, from Lix Perle.  How cute are we in red houndstooth?!  Lyseen makes super awesome infinity scarves made from vintage fabrics or that have been knit by either her or her (totally adorbs) mom.


We had so much fun being neighbors, and Lyseen even brought her favorite inspiration book to share with me, Fruits by Shoichi Aoki (also by my favorite publisher Phaidon), about Tokyo street fashion.  There is also a second book, by the same author; check it out HERE.  Tokyo is totally on my bucket list– I have always been inspired by Japanese street fashion and the fashion fearlessness everyone possesses.  Lyseen and I even stopped by T-We for some yummy tea samples.  There, we met Christopher and Kier, two totally awesome tea blending, holster-wearing guys.  Turns out they knew my accountability buddy Dani, from The Recoverie.


While sitting at my booth drinking my favorite Earl Grey, photography student, Kim Nguyen, zipped by me with two cameras and then came back and asked me if she could take my picture.  She was so sweet, and I love that she was using two cameras– one for black and white and the other for color.  Rock, on Kim, rock on.

IMG_9425 IMG_9427 IMG_9465 IMG_9466

PS The hat I am wearing is totally my fave!  I don’t think I can part with it…sorry ladies.  But I have many many more for your spring time pleasure!  Coming soon!

xoxo, Joules

TRAVEL & SHOPING: JJV Has Vintage Direct From Paris!!!!!!! + Friday 13th Sale!

Yes, I said it!  Your wish has been granted.

I hand picked DOZENS of pieces for your pleasure from several areas in Paris this week.  I think you are going to be thrilled!  All items are either made in Paris, Holland, Switzerland, London or England.  Listings will begin Friday April 13, 2012!

Also, we will be having a Friday the 13th Sale with free shipping anywhere in the United States!  Only valid if “MYFRI13” is added at checkout*!  Sale starts Friday 13th at 12am!  Sale ends on Sunday 15th at 11:59pm.


  • 13 Dresses
  • 11 Shirts
  • 5 Skirts
  • 4 Lingerie/Lounge Wear
  • 3 Jackets
  • Historical Housewares
  • Paper Ephemera
  • Linens
  • Steampunk Items

Parisian Floral Embroidered Short-Sleeve Cardigan

Orange Sherbert 1960’s Housewife Dress (Made in Switzerland)

Parisian Abstract Floral Woolen High Collar Dress

*Code is not valid for previous purchases.  Code only valid through 04.13.12-04.15.12.  Free shipping applies for domestic orders only.

xoxo, Joules

LA EVENTS: JJV Selling At Vintage Clothing & Textile Show in Burbank, CA [01.29.12]!!!!!!

My first show near LA will be this weekend!  I’m so excited!  I will have an extra large space, so you will get to see mostly everything that I have!  Designer clothing and accessories, mens, kids, and duh…stuff for the ladies!  I’ll also be bringing a ridiculous amount of jewelry- some will be from The Ruby Collection.  There will be lots and lots of valentine’s dresses, perfect for date night with your honey.

You are going to love this!

Vintage Clothing & Textile Show

Sunday January 29, 2012 | 8am-3pm

Pickwick Gardens- 1001 Riverside Drive Burbank, CA

$7 Admission

FINDS: Alameda Point Antiques Fair 11.06.11

I went to the Alameda Antiques Fair for the first time yesterday.  I’ve never seen so much vintage and antiques.  It was really quite impressive.  The best thing about it was all the cool stuff you can find for pretty reasonable prices.  Of course if you’re looking for more high-end items (mid century Danish designer furniture) you can find it there too.  For example, we saw a mid century teak wood desk for $2,500 and a black leather, teak and rosewood Danish couch for $1,600.  Bottom line, if you’re looking for it- more than likely you’re going to find it here.

A few pointers for newbies:

  • Alameda Point Antiques Fair occurs the 1st Sunday of every month- the woman at the entrance told me even if it’s on New Years eve, they are there.
  • Early birds pay more at the door.  Before 2pm it is $5. After 2pm it’s free.  At 3pm, the vendors begin packing up.
  • Bring plenty of cash.  They have a portable ATM at the entrance, but who wants to pay fees they don’t have to!?
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Dress in layers- this fair is near water and the weather can change very rapidly.
  • Bring a compact umbrella
  • Bring a grandma cart- having wheels are an essential part of making your trip to the fair easy and enjoyable.  They have carts near the loading area, but for smaller items bring your own cart (it will also save you money since they rent grocery carts for $5).
  • Bring a snack.  It’s going to be a long day of walking, hauling and lifting.  Keep yourself energized!  There are food vendors there if you forget, but if you’re on a budget, this may be the way to go for you.

Here are a few photos of some things I picked up!  We actually got a whole van full of stuff, but photos will come later of that stuff.

I got this sweet burl wood wall clock circa 1970 for $10!  What a steal.

I love all the rich colors in the wood.

And I think it makes a pretty sweet addition to our frame wall in our living room.

Now all I need are some antlers or something rustic to put above the clock.

We also found the matching pair to our mid century telephone/magazine rack stand.  The one on the left was the first one we got at The Pink Squirrel down in Santa Cruz.  And the one on the right we got at the Alameda Antiques Fair!

In our typically-small San Francisco bathroom, these were a perfect storage solution for necessities.  It’s better than getting run-of-the-mill plastic drawer set from Walmart or Target.  I plan on spraying them both with gold-colored rustoleum (since they will be exposed to moisture) and so they will both match in color (the one on the right is slightly darker).

Overall, The Fair was pretty good to me.  I found some cool project pieces that I will be showing you later on this week.

DIY: Drab to Fab Furniture

Yes, I like to pick up project pieces for fun sometimes just to see where things will take me.

I found this pretty JACKED mid century plywood chair at a flea market and I figured I could spruce it up.  Here are some before and after photos!

Before: The wood was pretty messed up and the wicker was just a crying shame.

After: Refinished the wood (it was actually two-toned) and sprayed the wicker black. And it looks brand new!

Looks good huh?

xoxo Joules

NEWS: JJV Featured in!

I’m so excited that from decided to do a little blurb about us!  It’s great since we are the new little bird on the SF vintage block.  It’s also exciting because big things are happening in the shop.

We have extended our 20% discount with the code: GRANDO11 so start shopping now!  There will be about 50 new items popping up in the shop from today until Saturday.  This offer ends November 19, 2011!  So spread the word and save!

Here are a few photos Alexandra took at the Fashion Faire.

Be sure to check out the article in all its glory HERE.

Thanks Alexandra for the love!