DIY FURNITURE: Projects Past & Finished

Hey ladies and gents, I know it’s been a while.  Lots of things have been happening and I haven’t had a chance to get down to blogging yet!  Yikes!  But I promise, you will be happy with the next few postings, there are lots of things in the works that you will certainly enjoy!

As usual, I have finished some really cool furniture projects lately and am pretty proud of them.

I rewired this sweet brass sofa lamp and brought the finish back to life.

I refinished this Mid Century Danish coffee table!

It needed new trim on the side, so I found some that matched the wood grain and stained it three times and sanded down the edges to fit flush with the corners.

I also refinished this sweet brass “oil” lamp. The shade was totally discolored and needed a bit of an update. Two coats of Rustoleum and one clear coat solved that problem!

My most favorite chair duo to date. These mid century Stendig chairs from Finland with a chrome spider base were in a sad state of disrepair when they came to me.

And now they are bright and cheery in this fabulous orange Naugahyde.

I also added a contrasting red piping for a little element of surprise and a pop of color.

I had these D-Scan teak chair frames for about 6 months because I didn’t have a fabric that inspired me.

Until I found this fantastic deadstock 1970’s striped wool!

I am a huge huge D-Scan fan. The design is so simple and streamlined and are show-stopper pieces for just about any room.

My favorite part besides matching up the stripes on the chairs, is the fact that I hand-stitched the piping on the underside of the backrests…it took a while, but the effect was so worth it!

I also hemed each side of the fabric on the seat cushions to prevent fraying. Double knit wool is a really rugged fabric but it frays pretty easily if the edges are left to flap in the wind.

This was probably the best diamond in the rough I found. “The Sam Avedon Chair” by Alladin Plastics Company

Alladin Plastics actually ended up suing another plastics company here in SF because they stole the design for The Sam Avedon Chair.

The Sam Avedon Chair is one of the most coveted mid century plastic chairs as it is a designer chair, and looks similar to Eames, but does not carry the same price tag. Essentially, it is the poor man’s Eames.

I also came across this fantastic credenza that I just couldn’t pass up! It didn’t need much work, just a few touch ups here and there but it really is a stunner. It didn’t last long and was sold to lovely Mandy within 24 hours! See her photos and statement below….

I love how she has a yellow entertainment set! How perfect! (Photo courtesy of Mandy)

It fits perfectly in the space! When we delivered it she was so happy. That’s why I love my job. (Photo courtesy of Mandy)

“I love my new mid century treasure almost as much as I adored the sweet lady who personally sold and delivered me” -Mandy

Thank you Mandy for your kind words and I know you will love this piece for years to come!


Stay tuned for more projects in the works available for sale.  Everything pictured above (with the exception of the lamp) has been sold.

UPDATE: #CyberMonday Shopping Sales & DIY Furniture

Okay so you know that the Cyber Monday sale ends at 11pm on Tuesday 11.29.11!  You will automatically get 10% off and free shipping by using the code CYMON11 at checkout on ETSY or JJVSHOP.COM!

Also, after going on a few thrifting trips, I have a few haul and DIY progress photos to share with you!

First, I got this super cute bookshelf, German-made mod tea cup set, and a mid century goose neck brass lamp.  I love them!  I’m going to do a little rehab on the shelf and I’ll show you guys later.

My favorite part about this set is the cup rest in the saucer is off-center.

Isn't this lamp awesome!?

Also, I’ve been working on some good ‘ol diy projects around here.  I recently came across 6 America-made plywood dining chairs.  They needed some TLC and a little handy fix it know-how.  Here are some progress photos!

I love how aerodynamic and sleek these look now. Talk about gorgeous.

No- it's not still wet. It's just THAT shiny!

Okay, well- I’m off to list more items in the shop!  Happy holidays and happy shopping!

x0x0x – Joules

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DIY: Drab to Fab Furniture

Yes, I like to pick up project pieces for fun sometimes just to see where things will take me.

I found this pretty JACKED mid century plywood chair at a flea market and I figured I could spruce it up.  Here are some before and after photos!

Before: The wood was pretty messed up and the wicker was just a crying shame.

After: Refinished the wood (it was actually two-toned) and sprayed the wicker black. And it looks brand new!

Looks good huh?

xoxo Joules

DIY: Reuholstering Mid Century Chairs

I’ve been working on these two chairs for the past few days and it’s been a real treat.  Saw these at my fellow vintage-lover’s furniture shop, The Pink Squirrel.  They were pretty messed up, and I believed I could do them justice.

So without further adieu, here are a few progress photos.

  I chose a SUPER baby bottom soft wool blend.  It is cherry red, royal blue and grey plaid.  It is simply divine.

I replaced the foam and taped off the edges on the bottom of the seat using the original fabric tape.  We were luck the wood was still in great shape!

Don’t tell me that your boyfriend or husband wouldn’t love to put his tush in this sexy mantique.  Oh yeah.

I’m working on the other one tonight and will have final photos tomorrow.  ‘Till then- here are a few photos of some cool stuff we picked up recently:

1950's office chair.

1950's record rack.

1950's Dining Room Chairs.

This is an old one- but I still love everything about this photo. Mid Century Bassett coffee table, Burnt Orange ultra suede mid century loveseat, and 1970's entertainment console.