SHOPPING & UPDATE: New Items In Stock + Customer Photos!

I would be remiss if I said I didn’t feel guilty for not posting more and updating you all on the great and fabulous things happening in the land of JJV, not to mention in my life personally.

So much has happened since my post about participating in Black Market SF, that I guess the only thing to do would be to start from there.

Black Market SF is probably one of my favorite new pop up markets in San Francisco.  It’s a night market with a super chill and cool vibe and it is RSVP only.  Yes, honey.  So if you want to make sure you get in, you need to hop to it and get a ticket.  Be sure to visit their website and tell them Jillian sent you.  The next event is April 19th (I won’t be selling this month due to some awesome surprises coming up), and you should make sure you join the fun.

Hello from Black Market SF! March 2014

The most exciting news for me is that this year I am getting married!  You probably remember my Paris trip and all the goodies I got there- but what I didn’t tell you is I also got engaged, and I wanted to hold on to that feeling for a bit before telling the whole world.  But if you have taken a look at my Pinterest lately, you have more than likely noticed my huge board of Wedding Inspirations.  And if you want, I will be happy to post about any wedding DIY projects I will be working on with one of my nine- yes NINE bridesmaids (I love them too much to not have them next to me).

Now, on to some awesome customer photos!  I sold these pieces from the shop and these lovelies were so great to send me photos of how JJV furniture revved up their decor!  Check it out!


I love this chair! Every time I find them, I fall in love! This chair is perfect at this desk and the color is superb for the room! Click the photo to see more info.

This awesome reclaimed wood planter box looks so perfect by the window!

This awesome reclaimed wood planter box looks so perfect by the window!


For all of you who have just been jonesing for new merch in the shop, don’t fret!  We are creeping our inventory levels up and we are almost at 300 items in the shop!  HOLLER!

Here are some of my fave items in the shop now.  There will be more soon, especially after this weekend when we will be in LA at The Rosebowl (you should come visit).



And last but not least, for those who missed it- JJV was on the front page of Etsy this month!  WOOT!


DIY FURNITURE & SF BAY EVENTS: New Furniture in Shop + Customer Photos + Fairfax Flea @TheGarageFfx

I haven’t forgotten you, okay- don’t worry. I’ve just been busy making things! This month has been a whirlwind of craftiness and furniture couture that I haven’t had time to tell you all about it! There are lot of pieces that I have completed that sold too fast for me to post about them- but I’ll still show you the photos. So, here we go!


Linen Covered Kidney Bean Coffee Table $64


Old Industrial Bookshelf Cart $150


Art Deco Coffee Table (SOLD)


collapsible Sofa Table $90


Shabby Chic Nightstand (SOLD)


Mid Century Crank Coffee Table $415


1940’s Desk and Chair (SOLD)


Pin Striped Winged Back Chair $92


Vintage Cream and Black Striped Lounge Chair (3 in stock- ALL SOLD)


1970’s Credenza Bookshelf Cabinet (SOLD)


Vintage Knoll Tulip Table (SOLD)


Vintage Shabby Chic Mini Dresser (SOLD)


Mid Century Lounge Chair (SOLD)

So there you have it. The reason I’ve been so absent. Hope you can forgive me. I also wanted to share three customer photos that really have got me excited. The first is from Dhanya, who bought the Art Deco Coffee Table and updated it to suit her living room groove. Check it out!



Pretty sweet huh? Check out how cute the 1970’s Credenza Bookshelf looks in Shannon’s apartment.


This is definitely one of my favorite pieces (besides the Knoll, of course).

Lastly, checkout Terrill’s dreamy New York apartment reading nook, featuring a sun ray wall clock from our shop!


I am always so pleased to see how furniture from the shop takes on a life of its own after it leaves my hands.  I strongly believe that just because it’s old, doesn’t mean furniture is dead.  It just needs another chance to live on.  And that’s what I’m here for.  If you have bought a piece of furniture from me, please shoot me an email with a photo of it in your house (email is on the home page).

In other news, I will be at Fairfax Flea at The Garage in downtown Fairfax this Saturday!  We had so much fun last time that I had to do it again.


The Garage

2000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Fairfax, CA 94930

Saturday July 20, 10am-5pm

Allyson won’t be there this time, she will be off living the Birthday Life…because well this month is her birthday!  Since I knew I wouldn’t get to see her, I brought over a little surprise for her so we could celebrate early.  So after 8 hours of shooting new items for our shops, we cracked open a bottle of bubbly and sliced ourselves some sour cream angel food cake. Deeeeelish!

999506_10100379729820587_1301816538_n 1013141_10100379726272697_808911217_n 1069887_10100379731147927_1391380263_n

I will be adding new items from the shoot everyday starting Monday morning.  But to hold you over, here are a few items that are already up!

Mod Dropwaist Tennis Dress

Mod Satin and Crystal Party Dress

I.Magnin Dress and Jackest

Plaid Blue and White School Dress

Pink Chiffon and Lace Boho Maxi Dress

Floral Hawaiian Print Maxi Dress by B.J.’s Fashions

DIY FURNITURE: NEW Finished Projects Ready for Your Home!

I have been working at the speed of lightning to complete furniture that has been sitting around and just have not been able to get to.  Without further ado, here are projects I have recently completed.


DSC05842 DSC05845

Antique Victorian Solid Walnut Tiffany Blue and White Column Table $125


305846_10100319705584637_1514536710_n DSC05865

Retro Golden Wire Barstool Set with Table $220

DSC05851 DSC05856

Mod 60’s Set of Two Dining Room Chairs with Brass Studs and Leaf Upholstery $135

I am also working on more furniture as you are reading this.  I have a very cool and very ergonomic office chair from the 1950’s and a very covetable Tulip Table by Knoll.  Yes, that’s right- KNOLL!



DIY FURNITURE: Projects Past & Finished

Hey ladies and gents, I know it’s been a while.  Lots of things have been happening and I haven’t had a chance to get down to blogging yet!  Yikes!  But I promise, you will be happy with the next few postings, there are lots of things in the works that you will certainly enjoy!

As usual, I have finished some really cool furniture projects lately and am pretty proud of them.

I rewired this sweet brass sofa lamp and brought the finish back to life.

I refinished this Mid Century Danish coffee table!

It needed new trim on the side, so I found some that matched the wood grain and stained it three times and sanded down the edges to fit flush with the corners.

I also refinished this sweet brass “oil” lamp. The shade was totally discolored and needed a bit of an update. Two coats of Rustoleum and one clear coat solved that problem!

My most favorite chair duo to date. These mid century Stendig chairs from Finland with a chrome spider base were in a sad state of disrepair when they came to me.

And now they are bright and cheery in this fabulous orange Naugahyde.

I also added a contrasting red piping for a little element of surprise and a pop of color.

I had these D-Scan teak chair frames for about 6 months because I didn’t have a fabric that inspired me.

Until I found this fantastic deadstock 1970’s striped wool!

I am a huge huge D-Scan fan. The design is so simple and streamlined and are show-stopper pieces for just about any room.

My favorite part besides matching up the stripes on the chairs, is the fact that I hand-stitched the piping on the underside of the backrests…it took a while, but the effect was so worth it!

I also hemed each side of the fabric on the seat cushions to prevent fraying. Double knit wool is a really rugged fabric but it frays pretty easily if the edges are left to flap in the wind.

This was probably the best diamond in the rough I found. “The Sam Avedon Chair” by Alladin Plastics Company

Alladin Plastics actually ended up suing another plastics company here in SF because they stole the design for The Sam Avedon Chair.

The Sam Avedon Chair is one of the most coveted mid century plastic chairs as it is a designer chair, and looks similar to Eames, but does not carry the same price tag. Essentially, it is the poor man’s Eames.

I also came across this fantastic credenza that I just couldn’t pass up! It didn’t need much work, just a few touch ups here and there but it really is a stunner. It didn’t last long and was sold to lovely Mandy within 24 hours! See her photos and statement below….

I love how she has a yellow entertainment set! How perfect! (Photo courtesy of Mandy)

It fits perfectly in the space! When we delivered it she was so happy. That’s why I love my job. (Photo courtesy of Mandy)

“I love my new mid century treasure almost as much as I adored the sweet lady who personally sold and delivered me” -Mandy

Thank you Mandy for your kind words and I know you will love this piece for years to come!


Stay tuned for more projects in the works available for sale.  Everything pictured above (with the exception of the lamp) has been sold.

DIY Furniture: Mid Century Love Seat FINISHED!

I just finished my very first love seat.  And I’m so proud of it!  It came as a set with two matching armchairs, however I plan on reupholstering those with different fabric (bright orange vinyl).  Don’t worry, when I finish them I will post pics!!

Take a peek at my latest finished product!

I loved this fabric so much I bought all they had left at the store. I’m glad I did! It’s wool fabric that is used to make suit jackets…but I think it looks better on a couch.

I love how I got the stripes to flow down the seat. YUM.

The arm rests are the kicker for me. Solid walnut!? Yes please!!!!

I finished the sides off with these awesome brass studs!!!!

What do you think!?

You can purchase this lovely little couch HERE.

DIY: Furniture & Fixins (Completed)

I have been so crazy busy the past few days doing shows and such and most of all, working on furniture!

First project, was a commissioned project.  I refinished and reupholstered 8, yes…EIGHT teak Danish-made Forse Stolefabrik dining room chairs.  I loved them.  It is definitely the biggest project I have done to date.  I love these.

Force Stolefabrik Danish Chairs

How amazing?!

Next is the 1940’s dining room table that I decided needed a facelift.  I love love love the result!  It’s a 1941 The Howell Company dining room table.  It originally had a “Plastex” coat on the surface, but it was chipping and I was worried about lead content.  So I removed it and refinished it.  I love how it is two-toned now.

Next, I refinished this super awesome butter yellow Naugahyde executive office chair.  I refinished the entire frame and the solid walnut armrests.  I think it look unreal.  The original upholstery is in amazing condition.

Next up, I refinished 4 geometrical chairs and also reupholstered them with the most wicked graphic fabric.  Seriously, going to the fabric store is like going to a candy store for me.  It’s just so exhilarating.

Next, I finished an early 1900’s chair.  I want to say it’s from the 20’s or 30’s; the seat had burlap seat straps stretched over a wooden frame and the cushion was made of straw with cotton batting on top.  It also had handmade cast nails used to hold down all the fabric and straps.  It was way cool.  I really like how the seat is inset into the frame of the chair as well, it adds a little element of surprise.  Overall, I loved this little chair.  It was so much fun and this paint color made me smile.  Talk about a breath of fresh air.

My most detail oriented project was refinishing this dresser and nightstand (lowboy, kinda) bedroom set.  These guys were pretty jacked when I got them.  But they turned out to be so lovely.  I call them the “Tuxedo Striped” set.  It took me about a week to finish them (I’m kinda a perfectionist).  The effort was well worth it I think.

Lastly, I picked up a really awesome retro Toastmaster fan and decided that the original poo brown color was just not going to work for me.  I mean, if you’re going to have objects in your home, they should inspire you, bring joy and have a sense of humor.  It was my first time tinkering with electronics, but this was such a fun project I couldn’t resist.  A day of soaking, scrubbing and sanding brought this little baby out of the dark ages.  What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed my projects!  And believe it or not, I have more in the works as we speak.  You know me, I’m not happy unless I’m always working on something.  Stay tuned!

xoxo, Joules

DIY: Reupholstering, Refinishing & Still In Progress Vintage Furniture

So I haven’t been updating you on all the lovely little projects I have been finishing lately.  Sometimes they get finished and sold so fast I usually find something else to work on.  Here are a few photos of finished projects for you to enjoy!

American of Martinsville Mini Hutch With Drawer: Refinished with black lacquer top and legs

This 1960’s Dusty Rose Velvet French Provincial Repro Mini Wingback: I added a little stuffing, tightened the springs and reupholstered the bottom with fresh burlap and refinished the legs.

Set of two Naugahyde Butter Yellow Studded Arm Chairs: Brought these two back to life! Naugahyde needed some work and refinished the wood

Pair of Oak Lounge Chairs: Orange wool inlaid into backrest and new upholstered seat with new 2 inch foam!

IN PROGRESS: This is a 1960’s dining table that I am sanding down and refinishing. It will have the original butter yellow sides with a creamy white glossy top with a cherry red border. It stands on elegant steel legs.

Vintage Letter Press Drawer: A personal project of mine

It’s going to be a jewelry display case for my trunk shows! I cut out and glued in wool felt into all the squares…

And then I’m going to add plexi with a hinge, two locks, a nice handle and sew a felt zipcase for travel! Finished product photos to come this week. You can see the finished product in Burbank this weekend at the Vintage Clothing & Textile Show!

 See you this weekend in Burbank!

UPDATE: #CyberMonday Shopping Sales & DIY Furniture

Okay so you know that the Cyber Monday sale ends at 11pm on Tuesday 11.29.11!  You will automatically get 10% off and free shipping by using the code CYMON11 at checkout on ETSY or JJVSHOP.COM!

Also, after going on a few thrifting trips, I have a few haul and DIY progress photos to share with you!

First, I got this super cute bookshelf, German-made mod tea cup set, and a mid century goose neck brass lamp.  I love them!  I’m going to do a little rehab on the shelf and I’ll show you guys later.

My favorite part about this set is the cup rest in the saucer is off-center.

Isn't this lamp awesome!?

Also, I’ve been working on some good ‘ol diy projects around here.  I recently came across 6 America-made plywood dining chairs.  They needed some TLC and a little handy fix it know-how.  Here are some progress photos!

I love how aerodynamic and sleek these look now. Talk about gorgeous.

No- it's not still wet. It's just THAT shiny!

Okay, well- I’m off to list more items in the shop!  Happy holidays and happy shopping!

x0x0x – Joules

SHOPPING: Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday Sales and Codes!

If you didn’t use your Black Friday coupon code the past few days, don’t worry because you’ll save more this weekend and on Monday and Tuesday!

Don’t miss out!


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I’m also going to do a drawing for one lucky person to get a 20% off code to use on Cyber Monday to be used WITH the free shipping* code! WHOA!

To enter, add your e-mail to the JJV Shop List (click the link on the right margin or HERE) and write a comment under this post. If your name is already on the list, just write a comment under this post! The winner will be chosen on Sunday 11.27.11 at 12am EST and posted here on the JJV Blog.

*Free Shipping: Free Shipping is for domestic orders only.  Orders outside the US will be excluded.