SHOPPING & PARTIES: It’s My Birthday (sale) + @blackmarketsf Pop Up Night Market

Today is my birthday.  It’s so funny how sometimes you don’t feel like you are any different than the year before when your birthday comes.  But today I put that into perspective.

When I was eight, I remember how my brother and I would listen to Peter and the Wolf  or Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on cassette before we went to sleep, or how we used to play with our flashlights on the ceiling like they were spaceships fighting amongst the plastic glow-in-the-dark stars and the stubborn GAK residue from years past (does anyone remember that stuff?  It was disgusting and awesome all at the same time).  I also remember this was the year I had my first licorice jelly bean and almost called Ralph.  It was also the year I learned how to use the microwave; I asked my grandmother to put an already cooked hardboiled egg inside and entered our home phone number…and then watched it explode.  I was just a kid, and the world before me had endless possibilities.

When I was twenty, I had just come off the hardest summer of my life where I worked not one, not two, not three, but FOUR jobs and took off a quarter from school to work and save money for books, food and rent for my first apartment when I went back to school.  I was living in what was technically an office; a 9ft by 13ft single-windowed room where I had accounted for and planned the space down to the last inch to make it as efficient as possible– including a double folding futon FOR ONE (yes, they make those).  I even was working part time as a barista in between classes, waking up at 6am 4 days a week to open the cafe and bake enough scones to get the shop through the lunch hour rush; even when finals came I would take 20 minute naps and wake up and keep working (and I aced all of them).  I had grown up, gotten a thick skin, and I still knew the world before me had endless possibilities.

When I think of those points in my life, when I was at such vastly different stages and add them together, the space in between makes sense and I understand today what I am made of.  I’m a kid with tough skin, who grew up and I know the world before me has endless possibilities.  It’s kinda beautiful.

So today is a day of reflection for me, keeping those tender memories alive because that’s really the stuff we are made of.  But today is also a day to celebrate!  Another candle on the cake, another ring on the tree or whatever you want to call it- I have lived to see another day and that’s pretty fantastic.  I have lived in 4 states from the East to the West, found love and passion.  All great things to live for and tip you hat to.  And for that I am grateful.


So to celebrate, I’m announcing a pretty sweet sale for the shop (of course!).  Enter HBD2ME at checkout and get 15% off your total purchase.  The shop is already marked down 20%, so you’ll save 35%!  Heyyyooooo!

In other (awesome) news, I am participating in a new pop up night marketplace called Black Market SF which is an exclusive shopping event that happens at a mystery location every few months.  You have to register online to stay in the loop!  Black Market SF features a select group of local crafters, designers and small business owners to sell their goods all in a  night market atmosphere.  Enjoy live music, food and spirits and often times, there is a charitable cause involved.  Sign up ASAP to get the invite and get your tickets!  Presale tickets are available now for FREE until end of this week, $5 after they run out, and $8 at the door.

This month’s event is on Saturday February 15th from 7pm until 12am and will feature food and dessert vendors, craft vendors (and of course yours truly), pampering station, awesome DJs, a photobooth by SnappeaSF and tons more secret activities.  PLUS live performances by local folk band Whiskerman and indie band all the way from LA, AKW.
I will give away FREE tickets to three lucky folks!

Here’s how to enter:

1.  Follow me on Twitter

2. Follow Joules Jewels Vintage on Facebook

3. Pick an item you like in the shop and “heart” it!

4.  Leave a comment below with your name, e-mail address, and the link of the item you favorited from the shop!

Winners will be chosen and announced on Thursday February 13, 2014 and will be contacted by e-mail.

*All persons entering must live in the San Francisco Bay Area or must be willing to commute to the event.  Must be 21+

Good luck!


BOO!  Did I scare you!?

(I love that lil’ eight-legged guy.)

As a nod to the time of year where you can let your imagination go wild and dress up as your favorite Star Wars character or some version of a “Sexy _(insert theme here)___,” Joules Jewels Vintage will have a 20% off Halloweeny sale for the entire shop from October 19-27!  To ensure speedy and timely Halloween delivery, please place your order by 12:00pm PST Saturday 27th.

Halloween Treasury- Our Letter “O” is  featured!

If you are local to SF, stop by The Sunshine Factory Pop Up Shop on October 27th & 28th from 11am-6pm!  JJV will have a vintage costume corner featuring handmade vintage costumes for kids and authentic get-ups for you snazzy adults.

The pop up shop will feature handmade and vintage jewelry, vintage clothing, vintage home decor and mid century furniture from local designers, crafters and independent vendors.  Polaroid kits, vintage records, and homegrown succulents in retro planters will also be for sale.

On Sunday, complementary Halloween-themed drinks and candy for the wee ones will be available between the hours of 11am and 1pm.

Cash and all major credit cards accepted.

Families & vintage-lovers welcome.  And your little (well-behaved) dog too.

Check out our Eventbrite

Invite your friends on Facebook

Tell your friends on Twitter

See you there!

Have a very happy and safe Halloween!

SF EVENTS: #FNO #FashionsNightOut With @SFFashionistas and @stillwife! RSVP and join us! [09.06.12]

Fashion’s Night Out wouldn’t be a great night without San Francisco Fashionistas!

There are quite a few newbies (we are so happy you found us) and this would be a great opportunity to get together and meet all of you!

We will start the evening at Sugar Cafe at 5pm, with happy hour and meeting and greeting all you fabulous fashionistas!

Victoria from Our House Vintage & Design will also be there so you can meet the woman behind the designs of the items to be sold in The Bold Italic pop up shop in Macy’s!

Photo courtesy Mat Dunlap

FNO officially starts at 6pm, so we will walk down to Macy’s to the Bold Italic Shop on the 3rd floor to take a gander at all the goodies! We can get cheap eats from Tout Sweet Patisserie, and do some nail DIY by Pamsandkin, and get the scoop on hair how-tos with Cinta Salon and checkout the denim remix workshop with HolyStitch.Afterwards, we can checkout H&M, and Forever 21.Don’t forget to bring your business cards and wear your best!

We will be photographing you all for the blog! We can’t wait to meet you!

Love, JasmineJillian, and Alexandra

See you there!!!!


SF EVENTS: JJV at Storefront @freegoldwatch hosted by @designersartist and @soutmob [12.10-11.11]

This sale was so much fun to participate in!  I met so many fabulous people and the talent and passion for their craft and livelihoods were palpable.  Here are some photos I took of the sale.  Enjoy!

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