SF EVENTS: Treasure Island Flea [03.24-25.12]

I love Treasure Island Flea.  My kind of people shop there.  Fashionable, cool and fun to talk to.  And most importantly, you guys love my clothes and jewelry!  Thank you!

It was rather rainy and depressing the first day, but all you TI fans came out in droves and we love your dedication!

I had a pretty big booth this time- a nice 10×010!  I filled it with two racks of shoes, a table with loads of jewelry, hats, my handbag display, and three racks of clothes!

A little surprise from Square (the company I use to process my credit card transactions), Annalise, a rep from Square loved my chalkboard easel sign and she took a photo to show the other vendors.  How funny?!

The same day, I sold a pair of 1960’s Totes rainboots to a fabulous lady who looked so awesome in them I just had to show you guys.  I have one more pair in black (FYI).

She looked so great in these boots!

How rad!?

The second day, was much more sunny and the light poured into the building.

I loved my mannequin’s outfit haha

I spotted a fabulous chica (and now I don’t remember her name and I feel so bad about that) who had the best example on how to wear short shorts.  Take notes people!

This is how you wear short denim shorts.

Sheer black tights, cuffed distressed shorts and a beautiful flowing blouse.  Mix up your textures and add a little class to your short shorts.  I also loved her little collar pin.  How clever!?

See you at the next event!

xoxo, Joules

SHOPPING: Fab Finds, Fabulous People and Fresh Baked Goods at Alameda Antique Faire [03.04.12]

I love this look! She looks like a modern day pinup. Her hair is perfect and those jeans are doing her justice! I love this rockabilly look- it's something I don't ever think I could pull off myself but I have admired it for years.

And her tattoo sleeve is lovely! Again, something I wish I had the guts to do (I'm kinda a wuss when it comes to tattoos).

This is such an inspiring look! Fun and tailored, and perfect for 75 degree weather! And who said an oversized tote was just for ladies? Yeah, right! He's rockin' it!

And this hat!? YES, YES, YES. Many times, yes! I love when people wear traditional statement pieces with contemporary clothing.

This guy is one of my favorite people who comes to the faire. He has so much energy and is so gutsy with his style.

This lovely lady has executed effortless style perfectly. She looks comfortable and fabulous!

She also has an incredibly adorably chic mother.

And they have matching tattoos! Daughter: I love you more. Mother: I love you most.

This fab trio were rocking stripes! I love it!

Check out the striped socks!!!!!

This awesome chica, Kennis Chow, was hanging out with her really cool brother, Dickson, shopping my booth and I couldn't help but to notice that she is super adorable.

And she was toting probably one of the most badass digital cameras I have seen to date. The Fuji x100. HOLY MOLY.


This man was sporting the best leather goods I have seen for dudes. Very nice!

I mean, check out this bag and his shoes! OH YEAH. Amazing.

These ladies were super fly! A cape made from an over-sized silk scarf? Check. Chambray? Check. Easy breezy? I think so!!!! The lovely lady on the left owns Green in Oakland. Check it out.


This is one of my fave outfits of the day probably. I mean, all black is timeless and I love a good slouchy getup. The topper on the cake for me is her granny cart that has an old school boombox and a Chanel bag inside. LIKE, YEAH> YOU ROCK. Check out Liz's blog.



Speaking of cake, I made 2 dozen light and fluffy strawberry vegan cupcakes for customers who made a purchase of $25 or more.  I think they turned out pretty well!  For those of you who got one, I hope you liked it!!!!!!

I also found some AMAZING little items at the faire.    Some are for me and some are for the shop.

I found these amazing patent leather mens shoes. Made in Italy with leather soles! I'm going to replace the laces with super fluffy ribbon to wear them with my skinny jeans. You'll see- it's going to be amazing.

This ridiculously amazing carpet bag! It's got lots of little pockets for me to put all my little gadgets in. Airport bag? You bet.

This lovely straw bag is for the shop! You'll see it online soon! The straw detaches so you can wash the canvas sack inside. And the wooden handle is just to die for!

And this darling black suede mini clutch is so amazing! It'll be in the shop too!!

See you at the next event!

xoxo, Joules

SHOPPING & BEAUTY: Sephora Haul & Birthday Bonuses

I have the best boyfriend.  He knows I love nail art and going into Ulta and Sephora.  For my birthday yesterday, he came home with a Sephora gift card!  He’s the best.

I couldn’t wait to pick up a few items that I’ve had my eye on.  I got the magnetic nail polish by Nails Inc. London!!!!!!

I also picked up this AMAZING palette by Sephora that has 12 shades of lipgloss, 33 eyeshadows, 3 cream eyeliners, 4 shades of blush, and two shades of bronze powder!!!!!!  This is the medium “shopping bag palette” and it’s $24.

I had a few points racked up and I got a tube of Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector.  Also for my birthday, they threw in a few free gifts!

Also, I decided to get a fresh approach to my makeup and a look that will be a little extra special for my birthday party on Saturday.

Victoria, the sales associate/makeup artist, and I had so much fun playing around with different looks.  I love how she highlighted my cheeks with not one but two types of blush!  She used Sephora’s cream blush with their powder blush on top.  She also used Laura Mercier highlighting powder and a champagne/yellow tinted eyeshadow.  The lipstick is by Makeup Forever in #15 (which I loved but they ran out!).  Here is a closeup when I got home.

Happy Birthday to me!  haha

xoxo, Joules


SHOPPING: Stylin’, Profilin’ and Haulin’ at Alameda Antiques Faire [02.05.12]

I love selling at Alameda.  Being in the great outdoors, fresh air, and the smell of food trucks, will just instantly put a smile on my face.  And what makes me smile even bigger is seeing fabulous well-dressed people shopping my booth (it makes getting up at 4am to drive to Alameda totally worth it).

Here are a few awesome stylish folks who came to visit my booth and check out my goodies.

This is such an inspirational look. I love a good green and it mixes nautical with...

..a little humor. Check out this Pelican crest patch on his blazer!!!!

This charming duo were all cozied up in their cable knits.

And I was totally crushing on their shoes!

This chica was so smart. Bring a parasol to Alameda to stay cool in the sun! Sunburn is so not cute.

How rad is her suede hat!? And not to mention...

...this super super cute elephant carry-all! If you're shoppin' and haulin' you have to be prepared!

This lovely lady completely had me seeing deja vu...she has a 1960's knockoff Enid Collins bag...and guess what?

...I picked one up the day before for the shop!!!!

These two get my cutest couple of the day award. HANDS DOWN!

I love the detail on the back of his sweater too!

So fresh ladies! I was DYING over her huge vintage leather utility bag.

She was trying on these glasses in my booth, I love this photo of her.

Yes please. This coat is ridiculously supurb.

This sleek street-smart trio had me gushing.

This rockabilly bombshell was the cat's meyow. Magenta hair, eyebrows and lips! You go, girl!

And her nails too!? I'm sold. Love these rings to boot.

These two lovely ladies were so adorable. And that cute green polka dot skirt!? It's a dress!!!!!

Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment of my booth!

This was a little rope chair I finished the day before Alameda. I'm so glad it went to a good home!!!!

I had my chalkboard out!

Everyone loves a good pair of frames!

I hope all of you who I met at the Fair had as much fun as I did!  I hope to see you all again next month!  I’ll be there so just keep an eye out!

xoxo, Joules

POSTMORTEM: Show & Sell @bettiono Gallery in Oakland California [12.16-18.11]

The Show & Sell was so much fun!  I met so many fun people and my fellow vendors, with their high spirits and excellent goods really took the season of giving to another level!  It was three days of cider sippin’, jingle bell rockin’ and selling all kinds of goodies all the while Ozi Mangana’s solo Mythology art made for a colorful and breath-taking backdrop at the Betti Ono Gallery & Shop in Oakland.  Here is a slideshow of some photos I took of all three days as well as two links to the Facebook performances by two of the guest singers on Saturday and Sunday!  Enjoy and thanks for coming out! And if you weren’t there, then make sure you come to the next one in March!  I’ll be there!

By the way, if you want to know more about shows and events that I will be selling vintage goodies, make sure you add your name to the mailing list HERE.  Or, you can click the link on the right side under the heading “JJV SHOP LIST.”  Simple as pie (or cake- whatever you prefer).

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Facebook videos (You Tube to come later):

Saturday December  17, 2011: Kara Alexis Young sings “Glycerin” cover by Bush.

Sunday December 18, 2011: Emily Moldy sings and plays the kazoo!

SF EVENTS: City Dolls Trunk Show at Space Gallery [12.10.11]

This event was amazing!  Kirsten Incorvaia planned this amazing event where art and shopping truly coexisted.  The INCREDIBLE installation by Bunny Reiss and Monica Canilao was something other-worldly.  Just imagine if an Anthropologie holiday store installation combined forces with your grandmother and her bestie who just happened to be a gypsy.  Vintage lace, crocheted afghans, vintage wall paper, birch bark, upcycled wood and tungsten lighting enveloped the rooms and created disorienting pathways that made you feel like you were exploring.  The exhibit was only 3 rooms, and I wish it went on forever!  Luckily, I can see it again because after it’s stint at Space Gallery, it will be on its way to installation stardom at the SF MOMA!!!!!!  How exciting?

Amour Vert

The most interesting part was how the vendors were incorporated into the show.  They were nestled into little nooks and crannies within the exhibit as well as in the main room at the top of the stairs.  There were so many jewelry vendors it was impossible not to escape without picking up some loot.  Here were a few of my favorite vendors.

Bonne Fille

Mina of Dear Mina

Dear Mina

Dear Mina

The Loin Arts (Featured art from artists residing in The Tenderloin district)

Paulina Carcach

I lost her card! But she collects and sells gypsy jewelry and is based out of LA. There are 2 more photos of her stuff after the jump.

Don’t forget to read ‘s recount of this event in SFindiefashion.com!  HERE.


xoxo, Joules

SF EVENTS: JJV at Storefront @freegoldwatch hosted by @designersartist and @soutmob [12.10-11.11]

This sale was so much fun to participate in!  I met so many fabulous people and the talent and passion for their craft and livelihoods were palpable.  Here are some photos I took of the sale.  Enjoy!

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