SHOPPING: Treasure Island Flea and new Items in the shop! This weekend’s HUGE #haul!

This weekend I brought the vintage pleasure at Treasure Island Flea with my homeslice Petra from The Second Rvivl who treated the crowds with her gorgeous apartment therapy.  We made a great team!

We had a HUGE 20×20 space to deck out in all our goodies!!!

I LOVE luggage.

The Second Rvivl’s amazing furniture selection.

Our housewares meshed so well together!!!

Yep, that red mini hutch sold within the first few hours of opening!

My mint condition Pyrex mugs look like a school of fish on this navy blue dresser.

Yes please.

This past Memorial Day weekend was the best shopping I have done for the store in a very long time!  I got LOADS of men’s wear and fabulous finds for the ladies!  Check it out!

Nearly 20 pairs of mens and womens shoes!!!!

Wingtips will NEVER go out of style!

This awesome handmade bag is even “signed” Doris in the corner. How darling!?

Tons of ties in whimsical prints in sophisticated cuts.

LOVE this bag!

These ladies driving gloves are so awesome.

I also picked up some new ladies dresses!!!!!!

This bag is made of probably is softest leather I have ever felt.

What do you think!?  Are you as excited as I am!?  I hope so!!!!!

xoxo, Joules

NEWS: JJV on An Orange Moon! Plus Exclusive Photos!

To me, our home is our sanctuary.  You have to put love into it to get love out.  Nesting is what comes natural to most humans; claiming your space and putting your seal of approval down for all your guests to see.  I just tend to take it to another level.

The same day we moved in to our SF apartment, I couldn’t wait to unpack.  I unpacked over half of our boxes, hung up all of our clothes and loaded the dishwasher with our (small) assortment of china.  It was like the first day of school, you stay up all night getting your outfit together so that when the sun rises in the morning…you are ready to start your new life.  I didn’t go to bed until almost 4am.

We started out with almost nothing, and now it’s bursting at the seams with curiosities.  I love it.  Living with a man in the house, you have to make it work; meshing masculine and feminine together isn’t impossible.  I think our apartment is just as much mine as it is his.

And now this brings me to our first ever apartment feature!  Lynne McDaniel from An Orange Moon in Chicago, IL has put our design aesthetic front and center on her blog!  You can read the article HERE.

If you’re in Chicago, don’t forget to stop by An Orange Moon to check out Lynne’s amazing stock of Mid Century furniture and decorating doodads.  You will have to pick your jaw off the floor more than once.  I promise.

An Orange Moon
2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647

And if you want to see more photos, you’re in luck!  Here are the rest of the photos that didn’t make the cut (along with descriptions of most items)!

Vintage ladder as a magazine rack.

1930's "King Arthur" Paintings.

1930's Card Catalogue used for toiletry storage.

Mid Century Chairs from The Second Rvivl, lime green shabby chic table and mid century chain lamp from Uhuru Used Furniture.

Vintage prints on wood.

This is my favorite kitchen. Ever.

1950's Flour & Sugar Tins and vintage 50's kitchen scale (yes, I actually use it).

Vintage Cookie Jar- for utensils, Antique Sambo Teapot, 50's Brass Gooseneck lamp, Vintage containers (I love seeing food in a kitchen. Texture is cool again.)

Mid Century Green Naugahyde Lounge Chair, American of Martinsville chest (was a project piece...I will show you later).

Naugahyde Lounge Chair, 1950's Serving Tray on Mid Century Wire Stand, Mod German Tea for Two Set, Mid Century Wire Magazine Rack, Vintage French Stop Sign

Ltd. Ed. Marshall Field's Repro London Flea Market Print

(Opposite Fireplace) Retro Orange Naugahyde Button Back Loveseat & Armchair, 50's Walnut "Surfboard" Coffee Table from Pink Squirrel Furniture, 50's Walnut Corner End Table from Pink Squirrel Furniture, 60's Deadstock German Curtains, 50's Brass Lamp, Vintage Frames and Driftwood Wall Clock

xoxo, Joules

Halloween ’11: 70’s Disco Rvivl

So my friend Petra of The Second Rvivl and my cutie pie boyfriend, Elvis went out Halloween weekend for a bit of trouble-making.  We all dressed up as if we jumped out of a time machine circa 1970.  Being that I am a lover of all things 70’s- my shop has a tremendous amount of 1970’s stock.  Not to mention my personal wardrobe does as well.  Welp, here are a few photos of our fab outfits!

Here is a pretty clever costume I saw out that night too!