SHOP NEWS & EVENTS: 4th of July Sale + Pop Up Shops and Local Events!

I’ve been a busy lady these past few months!  Not only have I begun working professionally as a photographer for a local fashion company (finally), but I’ve also been juggling the planning of my upcoming nuptials!  It’s been a bit crazy, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. But first thing’s first- you’re … Continue reading


TRAVEL & STYLE: Personalize your Vacation with Kleenex Design

As you have probably come to find out, I love to travel and I do it often.  I travel for vacation and for work, and the most important thing for me is expressing my personal style even when I am on the go.  This Sunday, I will be heading to LA to sell at the … Continue reading


SHOPPING & UPDATE: New Items In Stock + Customer Photos!

I would be remiss if I said I didn’t feel guilty for not posting more and updating you all on the great and fabulous things happening in the land of JJV, not to mention in my life personally. So much has happened since my post about participating in Black Market SF, that I guess the … Continue reading


STYLE: Fly Couple of the Day #OOTD

Meet Olivia and Matthew and lil’ Buddah (who is 17!)! I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes when these two wandered into our Très Chic Vintage Sale They also have the best shoes…. mind = blown. My hats off to you two!


SHOPPING + SALE: Très Chic Vintage Sale 02.23.14 Grove & Broderick [10a-3:30p]

After recouping from a cold, I’m back at it again with Allyson of Birthday Life Vintage!  And we are so excited it’s almost spring!  So to celebrate (and to get out in this good 64 degree weather), we are rollin’ out the racks in good ol’ NOPA.  If you’ve seen us there before well, let’s … Continue reading


SHOPPING & PARTIES: It’s My Birthday (sale) + @blackmarketsf Pop Up Night Market

Today is my birthday.  It’s so funny how sometimes you don’t feel like you are any different than the year before when your birthday comes.  But today I put that into perspective. When I was eight, I remember how my brother and I would listen to Peter and the Wolf  or Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on cassette before … Continue reading


Valentines Day #LoveSFETSY One Day Flash Sale 40% OFF! [02.01.14]

I am a February baby, an Aquarius, and a hopeless romantic. So you can bet your good shoes I love Valentines Day too. Mark your calendars for SFEtsy’s second annual v-day flash sale on February 1st where participating members, including yours truly, are slashing prices 40% off!  Just use code “LOVESFETSY” at checkout to get … Continue reading


SHOPPING & HOLIDAY: Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Back! #JJVSHOP

If you were stoked about our selection for the Great Sweater Event last year, you’re going to love what we have this year!  We have been stock piling Cosby sweaters, Ugly Christmas Sweaters and more for a solid year to give you the best and brightest this holiday season!  Get ready to get warm, this one’s … Continue reading


SHOPPING: Stay Warm With Cool Discounts! 20% OFF OUTERWEAR & 10% SALE SALE! #JJVSHOP

If you know anything about JJV, it’s that we really love you and we really love sales.  So from now until November 9th, you can enjoy double discounted merch to keep you warm and your wallet happy! Our outerwear is a whopping 20% off when you use “2BWARM” at checkout! Here’s what’s new in stock. In … Continue reading


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